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Comedy Copy Training Videos & Templates Bundle


This is the template pack from my disarming copywriting course, Have Your Way With Words.

Each template comes with an explainer video that runs through each template line by line, explaining the joke formulas and rhetorical devices that have been used.


This bundle contains both training videos and a template pack to help you write entertaining copy.

The training videos included are:

  • Comedy Formulas: The Reverse – An introduction to The Reverse joke formula. This is a powerful formula that you can learn to misdirect your readers and cause them to smirk, smile, or even laugh out loud.
  • How I Write Funny – This session runs through some of my cold emails, sales copy, PR stories, and social media content and explains how each sentence is constructed with the deliberate intention of making the audience laugh.

Included Templates

The bundle also comes with templates for various content types.

Let’s run through each of those content types:

Articles That Amuse: 

“Please god, I don’t want to write another ‘7 top secrets’ article.” You don’t have to. Those days are over after this session.

Strategic Satire:

Got an opinion? Want to prove that other people on the Internet are wrong? This session will show you how to use satire to put those wrong people in their place in the smartest, smuggest, and most satisfying way possible.

Cold Pitching That Doesn’t Absolutely Suck: 

Learn how to write to important strangers and have them respond with “Oh my god, I loved your email! We should be business friends. How do we work together?” instead of “NEVER EVER EMAIL ME AGAIN, YOU FILTHY MISCREANT!”

Palatable Social Media Ads:

Want to advertise on Facebook (or another social network)? Don’t want to become another one of those obnoxious douchebags that interrupt your newsfeed with their trite nonsense? This session is for you.

Broadcast Emails That Don’t Make You Hate Yourself:

Learn how to write disarming emails that educate, entertain, and sell without having to type sentences that make you think “Ughhhhh! Where did I go wrong in my life? I’m not the person I thought I was. I should just end it all right now. ”

Social Media Content That Sells Without Sleaze:

Similar to writing broadcast emails but the platform is different. As such, the approach is a little different too.

Each content type comes with:

  • A completed version of the template, so you can see what the finished copy looks like.
  • A ‘wireframe’ version of the template, that includes the joke formulas you should use, where, and the reasons why.
  • An explainer video that runs through the wireframe and the completed template.

This will give you everything you need to be able to write articles that amuse, strategic satire, cold pitches that don’t suck, palatable social media ads, broadcast emails that don’t make you hate yourself, social media content that educates, entertains and sells without sleaze.

If you’d like to be able to have access to the wireframe templates, completed templates and the explainer videos, order now.



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