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Charming Autoresponder Sequences Template Pack



When people sign up to your list, you can opt to send them a sequence of emails that introduces you and pitches your products and services. This is known as an ‘autoresponder’ sequence.

And now, finally, there’s Charm Offensive style copy for your autoresponder email sequences! Disarm and delight your new opt-in email subscribers, and start conversations with potential new clients.

This pack contains a range of entertaining and persuasive autoresponder sequences designed to:

  • Get new subscribers to hit the reply button, potentially leading to sales calls and new clients.
  • Cajole new subscribers into buying a product such as an ebook.
  • Get new subscribers signing up to a challenge or free Facebook Group.
  • Encourage new subscribers to download and then use a special offer coupon, such as a dentist offering free teeth whitening to get new customers in the door.

So what’s in the pack?

  • An amusing sequence to generate sales opportunities for freelance marketers, PR professionals, advertising experts, and copywriters.
  • A hysterical sequence for marketing and advertising agencies that offers prospects a free brainstorm session with you and your team.
  • A rapport-building sequence for agency owners that introduces (with charm, of course) each of your team members in each subsequent email.
  • A chortle-worthy sequence for professional services companies (e.g. accountants, lawyers) to generate positive replies and gets prospects to agree to an informal chat.
  • An unorthodox ‘portfolio’ sequence to generate positive prospect responses for graphic designers, illustrators, videographers and other creative professionals.
  • A fun sequence for copywriters to deploy to generate positive responses from prospects and book in sales calls.
  • A “just-the-right-side-of-cheeky” sequence for Google Adwords / Facebook Ad professionals to generate informal chats with prospective clients.
  • An irreverent sequence for developers to deploy to start initial conversations with potential clients.
  • A persuasive but amusing sequence for conversion rate optimisation specialists to ply their wares and generate positive responses from prospects.
  • An unorthodox sequence that pitches an information product, such as an ebook or training course for a discount for a limited time.
  • An endearing sequence for freelance content writers to send to new subscribers, offering them their writing and editing services.
  • A memorable, attention-demanding sequence for wedding photographers to generate positive replies and sales calls.
  • A smile-inducing sequence for dentists to send to new subscribers offering a coupon for a free teeth whitening session.
  • A light-hearted sequence for fitness professionals to encourage their new subscribers to book an initial informal chat regarding one-to-one personal training.
  • A disarming sequence for purveyors of products or services that require a little more sensitivity.



A refreshingly honest “Sign up to my challenge” sequence to encourage your new subscribers to sign up to your free challenge.

​Value £150


An anything-but-boring sequence to cajole your new subscribers into registering for a webinar.

Value £150


A sequence for agency owners or freelance professionals to generate sales opportunities that’s based on my original drunk cold email – with modifications to ensure it works for opt-in email marketing.

Value £150


A “reverse auction” style sequence offering customers smaller and smaller discounts the longer it goes on – complete with ominous timer!

Value £150


A sobering, reflective sequence comparing the price of your offer to increasingly ridiculous goods and services.

Value £150


Charming techniques to grow your list. This succinct but information-heavy mini guide will provide you with a range of tactics you can use to promote your lead magnet and get more people onto your email list.

Value £99


Total Value Of Pack

The Charming Autoresponder Sequence Pack – £799

Bonus Sequence 1 – £150

Bonus Sequence 2 – £150

Bonus Sequence 3 – £150

Bonus Sequence 4 – £150

Bonus Sequence 5 – £150

Bonus List Building Guide – £99

Total Value – £1,648