Learn the principles of effective, charming cold pitch copy!

Magic Email Cheat Sheet

Learn how to get responses to your cold emails like this one:

Dear Jon,

Firstly let me congratulate you on the most entertaining cold call/email that I have received recently, or possibly ever. And I get a lot. It’s so rare to get a truly creative communication from an agency that purports to be creative, so thank you. I’m going to build a Wall of Fame for examples of good marketing, on the basis of your letter. It might be quite a small wall though, or perhaps just a few tiles.

Let’s talk? We can probably use some help with value propositions, or just our general thinking. You don’t need to wear the top hat, but if it helps, don’t let us stop you.

And this one:

Hi Jon,

You multi-media bombardment has captured my interest (the carrier pigeon was you, right?)

You stood out. You made me laugh.

I get about 20 agencies a week contacting me… I think you’re the first I’ve ever cold-contacted.

I’m not 100% sure I know how to use you, but I do think I’d like to meet you.

What’s your availability like in the next couple of weeks? Beginning or end of day is probably best.

I await your effervescent response.

And not to mention this one:

Hi Jon, I received your letter in the post, best piece of copy I’ve read in years. I’m very intrigued. Would be keen to meet.