Free email chain swipe: How I got front page coverage in VentureBeat

I asked my brother, if, by chance, he had a copy of the original email thread from when I managed to secure coverage for our newest and most gargantuan of clients, Symantec.

Yep. I somehow pressed enter before finishing my sentence. Perhaps it was the excitement that such digital evidence existed. (The full sentence was “That would be grand if so.” I didn’t want to leave you hanging.)

Good news: He found it!

Not just this email. My bro found the motherload. He’s got access to backups of emails from back then.

I’ve been reading so many enjoyable email exchanges from that period with prospects who I wanted to become clients – and from journalists I wanted to write lovely things about my clients. And all manner of other good stuff, too.

It’s been unusual but enjoyable reading these email chains from those days.

Damn. I had quite the moxie. I was just being myself, though. I didn’t have a schtick.

I still remember getting the email below and being so happy. My venture into the office on a Saturday had proven fruitful.

I had my reasons to be so elated. It wasn’t just a great piece of coverage of which I could be proud. It was also currency for a call of critical importance scheduled first thing the following Monday…

(The email above went to the entire team working on Symantec. So… everyone that worked for us, pretty much.)

And we lived to invoice them another day…

The VentureBeat coverage led to coverage in loads of other publications. And they weren’t the only place I got a positive response from that day. Just the most impressive – and picked and pasted in this email for the express purpose of selling you my new latest and most magnificent pack, you understand? 🙂

If you’d like to see the full email exchange that led to the coverage in VentureBeat, send me an email and say words to the effect of “Send me the email maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. C’mon maaaaaaaan. Send it me, you git!” – and I shall send you the full uncensored email exchange. I’ll even keep the humiliating spelling errors intact. You have my word.

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Anyway, if you want that free charming outreach email swipe – and indeed, the full exchange that led to the front page VentureBeat coverage, let me know.

And if you’re even the least bit curious about the new pack I keep banging on about, head to the link below:


^^^^ This one. Click it. Click it real good.

Ah, yes. Alas, this special pre-sale offer is, by design, temporary. Transient in nature. Before you know, it shall be gone. Disbanded. Not long for this world…

Don’t let the callous countdown clock get the last laugh. Get Copy My Copy for a scandalous discount today.

I’m in a really good mood tonight, for whatever reason. 🙂

​Have a lovely weekend, folks.


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