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Funny Cold Email Copywriting

In this post, I’m going to talk about my approach to cold email copywriting. It’s not just my approach to writing cold emails, it’s my approach to writing any form of sales copy that’s directed at a cold audience. The primary reason people use cold email is to generate sales meetings. There are 4 critical […]

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Think Like An Underdog

In 1915, deep in the jungles of South America, the rising conflict between two rival American fruit companies came to a head. Each desperately wanted to acquire the same five thousand acres of valuable land. However, two different locals claimed to own the deed to the plantation. In the no-man’s-land between Honduras and Guatemala, neither […]

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Being Formally Ridiculous

I’ve been analysing some of my old cold emails and letters and found a pattern I use that I’ve not spoken about. I start a sentence using words that are often used in formal (or at least sensible) correspondence. “I trust,” and “I await” are good examples. I’ll then complete these sentences with something unusual. […]

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Who says?

“You have to be more professional.” “You can’t write an email like that to C-Suites!” “[job-title-that-apparently-makes-them-inhuman]’s will hate it!’ I hear this all the time. Apparently, when someone achieves success, they stop being human. If you want a meeting with someone important, you better write a message devoid of humour. It has to be bland […]

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