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Professional Charming Copy Template Pack


The Charming Copy template bundle that’s previously only been available to Charm Pro subscribers.


What’s Included?

  • Ask for referrals template – Use this template to ask for referrals from your current clients, suppliers and other contacts.
  • Ask for Testimonials template – For getting existing clients to agree to write or record testimonials. Use these to persuade new prospects that you / your agency is reliable and worthy of their business.
  • Cart Abandonment (ecommerce) – Humorous email to be sent to potential customers who abandon their order to win them back.
  • Order Confirmation (ecommerce) – Amusing order confirmation email.
  • Handwritten Letter Direct Mail templates – Several templates for sending charming handwritten letters. Comes with additional ideas for sending ‘lumpy’ direct mail in conjunction with the handwritten letter.
  • The ‘’cheeky ambitious underdog’’ ‘get a job’ template – Brand new template for getting as many informal meetings with professional services companies as you need.
  • Joint Venture Outreach template – Use this template to reach out to potential joint venture partners.

Does This Stuff Work?

Oh yes it does!