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Charming Cold Email MEGA Bundle


This is a MEGA BUNDLE of some of my most successful cold email templates, the magic cold email training, two sweet and thoroughly tested opted-in email sequences, and some handy bonuses.


This is a MEGA BUNDLE of some of my best cold email templates, the magic cold email training, two sweet and thoroughly tested opted-in email sequences, AND some handy (read: OFF-THE-HOOK) bonuses.

What’s Included?

Cold Email Template Pack

This template pack features 8 of the most important cold pitching templates.

  • Booking sales calls / meetings.
  • Getting PR coverage.
  • Getting on podcasts.
  • Booking speaking gigs.
  • Getting as many job interviews as you want.
  • Getting people to events / seminars.
  • My Direct Mail -> Email Follow-up template.
  • LinkedIn Invite / Follow-up templates.

B2B Charming Copy Template Pack

This pack offers 17 effective templates for a wide variety of pitches.

  • Booking sales calls & meetings with even the busiest, most senior contacts.
  • Inviting yourself onto podcasts that your audience listens to.
  • Reconnecting with old clients to try and get repeat business.
  • Getting the attention of influencers to promote you or your clients’ products, or just to make yourself known.
  • Following up with a prospect who hasn’t replied to your proposal, without seeming ‘pushy’ or desperate.
  • Sending direct messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram that stand out and get responded to.
  • Following up with prospects you’ve met at events, seminars, or meet-ups.
  • Booking as many job interviews as you need.
  • Contacting journalists for link building, PR, or content marketing purposes.
  • Inviting prospects to your events, seminars, and meet-ups.
  • Breaking the ice with potential partners with the aim of developing mutually beneficial relationships, e.g. You may run a digital marketing agency and wish to partner with a design agency so you can refer clients to each other.
  • Arranging interviews with sought-after experts in your industry.
  • Booking yourself speaking engagements at key events.
  • Retaining more clients with a monthly “How are we doing?” email.
  • Sending that final ‘break up’ email of your sequence that charms even the busiest, most reluctant prospect into replying.
  • Dealing with the response “What will it cost?” when you need far more information to be able to put a quote together.
  • Getting your foot in the door in new niches where you have no experience or case studies to support you.

Magic Cold Email Training

This training video runs through one of my most successful cold email templates line by line, along with lots of extra info about how to push your cold email campaigns to the max.

It’s the same cold email that led to meetings with RedBull, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Barclays, O2, and countless other global brands and kept our marketing agency punching well above its weight. We won business (often huuuge contracts) we’d never have been able to get close to without this key to the door.

Charm Offensive Email Sequences

The original 8-part opted-in email sequence, plus the new 8-part sequence. Value – £198. These have never been sold as individual products before, the only way to get them was as an early bird bonus in one of my big launches.

Once you’ve got someone over a tripwire or through a gateway, you can use these as templates to upsell or upgrade.

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BONUS – Win With Words eBook

This ebook analyses one of my most successful cold email templates. This template led to meetings with brands like Symantec, Pepsico, HP, CocaCola, TUI, and many more. This short ebook analyses each line, explaining the various humour formulas, psychology, and techniques at work.

BONUS – Cold Email Get Started Guide

If you’re new to cold email this short ebook will help you with all the background stuff like getting prospect data and the key principles of “magic copy”. You can’t get this ebook anywhere else, I’ve never offered it for sale. Value – £149.

BONUS – Creative Marketing Swipe File

This swipe file contains a huge variety of creative, daring and attention-grabbing adverts, social media content, PR stories, and more. No explainers, no fluff. Just inspirational creative. Use it to help boost your own efforts in creating promotional campaigns that cut through the noise.

Does this stuff work? Oh yes it does!