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B2B Cold Email Subject Lines Pack – Inboxing Clever



The Scroll-Stopping B2B Cold Email Subject Lines Pack

This template pack contains all the subject lines you’ll need to draw your prospects’ attention, stop them scrolling, and give them no choice but to open your emails.

​​If you can’t get your email opened, you can’t get responses to your cold pitches, or clicks to your content or special offers.

How do you have any hope of stopping your prospect’s scrolling in a positive way, without sounding like an ignorant dudebro on any dating app? The fact is, you’re an uninvited guest in their inbox. You’re already fighting an uphill battle.

Instead, try Inboxing Clever. Think about the sorts of emails you like opening. Good news emails. Quirky emails. Emails that intrigue and resonate with you personally.

If you know Charm Offensive, there may be a good chance you already know how to craft cold emails that get responses. But writing and sending the email is only one piece of the puzzle.

How do you curb the client’s cold indifference?

Can you convert a callous, choleric character into a curious, considering customer?

Well… yeah, you can. This template pack has one goal in mind:

Scroll-stopping subject lines to get your sales pitch seen.

Keep reading to see how we’ll go about it…

What’s Included?

  • A range of our favourite subject lines designed to stop the scroll and convince the client to click.
  • Subject lines for both cold pitching and selling products to an opt-in list​.
  • The pack comes complete with personalised and non-personalised subject lines.

How Do I Use These Subject Lines?

You can use these scroll-stopping subject lines to stand out in any inbox. You can tailor many subject lines to suit your prospect, writing style, or a specific stage in an email sequence.

What Niches Do They Work In?

Any. They are not niche specific. If you’re targeting humans, these cold email subject lines will work. If you’re not, you have other problems. 😀

Does This Stuff Work?

(Ohhh yes it does)

Response From A Charming Cold EmailCharming Cold Email Response From A Prospect

Positive Response From Prospect From Charming Cold Email Templates

Prospect Response To Agency Cold Email Pitch Campaign


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