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*Limited Time Offer* The Charming Cold Open Template Pack

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This template pack is focused 100% on new opening cold pitches.

Folks have been asking me for a while for new templates – with new opening lines, closing lines, calls to action, and all the juicy bits in between.

I wanted to create a pack that finds more ‘ways in’. Different reasons to get in touch. Different hooks. And dare I say it, more daring, creative, and interesting approaches.

This pack contains a variety of brand new templates that don’t use any of the same joke formulas or devices that previous template packs contained.

Who Is This For?

  • Freelance professionals who need more leads and more amiable clients.
  • Agency owners or other b2b suppliers who would like more ways to get prospects to talk to them.
  • Anyone who wants to add more weapons to their lead generation arsenal.

What’s Inside?

  • A WAY OVER THE TOP cold messaging sequence to send to prospects entitled “THE TOP 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD WORK WITH ME” – This can be personalised if your prospect has sufficient information on their public social media profiles.
  • A daring, stark, and hilariously desperate cold pitch that most people won’t send but that just might work.
  • A comical cold pitch containing hilarious copy, and a blatantly photoshopped picture of you and the client.
  • A fun message to send to prospects when you’re procrastinating on other more boring work.
  • A personalised invitation and follow-up message to send prospects on LinkedIn based on their profile – and their recommendations.
  • A sweet message to send companies of which you’re a regular customer / loyal advocate.
  • A charm-soaked message to send to gatekeepers, to cajole them into mentioning you to their boss.
  • An alluring letter to send to entire departments at businesses you’d like to do business with.
  • A delightful message to send someone you look up to for mentoring in a way that stands out and gets a response.
  • A sweet but confident message for getting the attention of companies with marketing campaigns you personally enjoy.
  • An audacious craigslist post offering your services to local businesses in your area.
  • A provocative job board ad you can post to win copywriting leads.
  • A disarming direct message to respond to jobs posted on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • A “buddy-buddy” cold pitch to send to prospects who run Facebook ads or Google AdWords campaigns that really should be improved.
  • A new & improved (and more succinct) cold pitch to send to invite yourself onto podcasts.
  • A fun social media post in the form of a job advert that’s actually an amusing pitch for your ideal client.
  • A ridiculous opening gambit where you go way overboard on the personalisation of your message, mocking the ridiculous amount of information you’ve been able to assemble from your social media sleuthing.
  • A yet further amusing opening gambit to send to prospects who have little to no information on their social media platforms.
  • A gutsy cold pitch that combines copy and a brief introductory video of yourself.

There’s More?

Templates also included for…

  • Solving the old ‘experience’ dilemma, while making playful fun of it for your own persuasive benefit: a ridiculously honest cold pitch for when you have loads of knowledge but no experience.
  • Moving from working in the corporate world to becoming a freelance consultant. This cold pitch helps you get responses from old colleagues, suppliers, and clients. ​
  • Offering a brainstorm or audit for the deliberately attention-demanding price of just $1. This diabolically cheeky cold pitch will get attention – and responses. 
  • Sending to prospects who’ve been in the news, for good or ill.
  • Messaging prospects who have posted something interesting recently on LinkedIn.
  • Targeting prospects on Instagram through email or DM.
  • Booking introductory meetings with local prospects at a bar of your choosing.
  • Getting your little toe in the door with a curious cold pitch that introduces yourself without a blatant pitch in the first message.
  • A fawning, gushing email to send to your absolute dream clients that they will struggle to ignore.
  • Getting the attention of prospects in a niche where you have vast experience.
  • Generating responses from local businesses by messaging their Facebook Page.
  • Getting work when you’re just starting out. This cold pitch offers simple, easy to create audits or consultancy documents for free (*gulp*) when starting out, so you can build up some social proof (to help you sell stuff for money!)
  • Offering your services in exchange for a product, a ticket to an event, or anything else you have your eye on.
  • Responding to a LinkedIn post a prospect has made with a comment, and then a follow-up direct message.
  • Introducing yourself to blue-collar businesses (who are often more suspicious of professional marketing / sales / advertising types) that builds rapport and trust.
  • Getting in touch with individual client contacts who’ve left their position at your client’s company to work elsewhere.

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