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The Pro FB group is a handy place to get direct access to Jon & Gary, get personalised feedback on your copy & campaigns, and hang out with a world class bunch of interesting and useful weirdos 🙂

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Full Training Courses

Crafting Charming Offers

I’ve been crafting compelling offers and successful pitches throughout my career. Let me show you how I do it.

Ebook & 6 templates >

Always Be Winning 

My unorthodox lead generation course. Learn how to create your pitch to the world, find your ideal clients, contact them at get a positive response, and close deals. This course also contains a module on using cold pitching to book yourself podcast appearances, speaking gigs, and to generate PR coverage for you or your clients.

11 slide decks, 11 videos, 8 template files >

Charming Copy Crash Course

Learn how to add charm to your copy. This 2-hour training takes you through my original drunk cold email, my ‘5 stages of grief’ follow-up sequence, and several other charming copy templates, explaining the joke formulas and persuasive devices at work. There’s also a swipe file containing all of the templates, and a ‘visual’ swipe file to deconstruct the template further.

1 video, 2 swipe files >

Converts Like a Charm

This course is perfect if you have an audience and want to sell digital products. The first module shows you my process for writing fast. The following modules show you joke formulas, copy tricks, and persuasive devices together to write charming copy that converts to sales. This pack contains swipe files showing some of my highest converting pitch copy and most engaged social media posts, along with ebooks and training videos.

2 ebooks, 6 videos, 5 swipe files >

Facebook Group Blueprint 2.0

This course shows you exactly what I did to grow my Facebook Group from 0 members to over 11,000. You’ll learn the key elements that drove the group’s growth, AND a run-through of all of the crucial posts made in the first 90 days of the group’s launch. This pack comes with swipe files showing some of my highest converting posts.

3 videos, 3 files >

Have Your Way With Words

This course is focused on showing you how to write funny copy. The pack comes in two parts: 1) Video trainings going through joke formulas I’ve used in my own sales copy and 2) Explainer videos running through the techniques used in my own emails, ads, articles and other media types.

12 videos, 7 template packs, 5 decks >

How to Create a Niche

Charm Offensive stands out from the crowd. It offers something effective – and different. This training shows you how to create your own distinct tribe that nobody can replicate.

1 ebook, 1 video >

How to Win a MegaClient

This training goes through the full process we went through to secure Symantec, a $4bn a year company, as a client. This contract was game-changing for us. We’d never seen this much money before! We could then use this system to win more enterprise clients with big budgets.

3 files, 2 videos >

Inspiring Influence

Want to run your own tribe and sell your expertise at scale? This course takes you from how to decide what your tribe should be about, to growing it organically, to launching your first digital products. Inspiring Influence will show you how you how to add a new revenue stream to your existing business.

7 files, 2 templates, 12 videos >

Offensively Easy Launch Formula

This goes through a formula for launching lead magnets, lower priced products, and higher priced products. The pack comes complete with swipe files from my own campaigns.

4 swipe files, 2 videos >

Charming Open for Business Pack

Want to know how we run Charm Offensive? The platforms we use to build our audience, promote our products, track success, automate sales, and much more. The Charming Open For Business Pack reveals all.

1 ebook, 9 swipe files >

Facebook Ads Direct to Offer Pack

The Facebook Ads to Direct Sales Pack takes you through our exact funnel for generating sales to our Cold Pitch Starter Pack. Use this as a model to build your own profitable campaigns, enabling you to scale your business at warp speed!

5 videos >

Mini Trainings

An assortment of miscellaneous mini-trainings for you to devour, including:

  • Magic Cold Email Training (one video)
  • Facebook Group Blueprint 1.0 (one video)
  • Promote Yourself Playbook (one video)
  • How To Get a Job at a Marketing Agency (one video, two downloads)
  • Cheeky Charm Offensive Tactics (three videos, one download)

View all >

Template Packs

Templates for every imaginable business quandary. Including:

  • The Greatest Charming Pitch Pack
  • Charming DMs Template Pack
  • Charming “I Need Copywriting Clients” Template Pack
  • Halloween Cold Pitch Sequence
  • Copy My Copy
  • All in One B2B Template Pack
  • Charming Christmas Template Pack
  • Charming Cold Open Template Pack
  • Charming Common Ground Template Pack
  • Charming Follow-Up Sequence Template Pack
  • Charming Lead Generation Template Pack
  • Charming LinkedIn Sales Template Pack
  • Charming SaaS Template Pack
  • Charming Upwork Cover Letter Template Pack
  • Specially Requested Charming Templates
  • *Special* Visual Swipe Files
  • Charming Black Friday & Cyber Monday Template Pack
  • Charming Autoresponder Sequences Pack
  • Inboxing Clever
  • The Pivot Pack
  • Charming Smooth Operations Template Pack
  • Charming Personalised Cold Pitch Template Pack

View all >

Webinars & Talks

Including the Content Marketing Talk and the Dominate 2018 webinar.

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Mini Guides & Cheat Sheets

Charming Ebooks

The Charming AI Pack – A collection of prompts and iterations to enable you to add charming, funny, persuasive lines to your copy.

The 2023 Self-Promotion Guide A step-by-step guide to everything I would do if I were in your shoes and wanted to get new clients in 2023.

The Self-Referential Press Release A charming template based on the press release format, with line-by-line analysis.

The Charming Self-Funding Funnel Pack Learn how to grow your email list for free by creating the holy grail of funnels: the self-funding funnel. This type of funnel is perfect for anyone conducting business online. Whether you sell information products (like I am, right now), or professional services (like I used to as a freelancer, then agency owner).

LinkedIn Charm Offensive This ebook shows you how to create a stand out presence on LinkedIn, how to find your ideal clients, how to build your connections, how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and includes a range of copy templates you can use to start conversations with your ideal prospects.

Crafting Charming Offers eBook & Bonuses This ebook reveals what makes an offer novel, compelling, and irresistible. I will run through examples for both service-based offers from my agency days, all the way up to my latest high-selling digital product offers.

Best of Charm Offensive eBook This 141-page ebook contains the best Charm Offensive posts since the group began in March 2017. This will save you from potentially irritating scrolling-related injuries.

Content Marketing Strategy Guide eBook This ebook reveals the process we used to get BIG content (think infographics, interactive tools etc) published in international, national, and niche publications across the globe.

How To Be Somewhat Funny This 51-page guide provides writing exercises to help hone your funny bone, joke formulas, and other smirk-inducing wordy tricks.

SlickHype – Part 1 This ebook features lessons on tribe building, mindset, growth hacking, and everything in between.

Stop Selling Time Want to learn how to sell your expertise at scale, rather than selling the scarce resource that is your time? This ebook shows you the key elements that made Charm Offensive successful, and how you can use this knowledge to build your own unique tribe.

Win With Words The ebook that started all of this crazy Charm Offensive fun. Win With Words runs a version of one of my most successful cold emails line-by-line, analysing the joke formulas and persuasive devices at work. An essential read for any charmer worth their salt.

Closing With Charm If you can reliably open and close leads, you’re always going to make money. Here I lay out my exact process for turning prospects into paying clients.

Charm Offensive Zine

  • Issue 1 – How to Win a MultiBillion Dollar Mega Client
  • Issue 2 – How to Get PR Coverage
  • Issue 4 – The Top 5 Advertising And Marketing Agency Tactics Businesses Should Look Out For
  • Issue 5 – How To Build An Adoring Following Using Facebook Groups

Guest Trainings

  • Cold Email Setup from Scratch by Dan Holloway (one video)
  • Making “About Us” Pages Funny by John Holt (three videos)

View all >

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