Black Friday Staff Picks

I’d like to provide some suggestions for what Charm Offensive products you should by during the seasonal sales extravaganza that is the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.

I recommend The Charming Cold Open Template Pack – and The Charming Follow-Up Sequences Pack. These are two of my most recent template packs – and I think my best work yet. We’ve come a long way since the original drunk cold email 🙂

Gary said:

“I don’t want your finger-licking chitterlings, find some other use for them. Oh, that, right, ok… The one thing I really don’t want people to buy is a full day of consultancy; that could be a major bummer for me, I mean what if they inanely repeat the same question over and over and over for seven hours?!? Oh. Ah. The wrong end of the stick you say? Fine. Well if you want the sharp end of the wedge then it has to be Converts Like a Charm. Best thing we’ve ever made. Easy. Now, where’s my smoking jacket and my pointy wedge?”

Hannah weighed in with:

Inboxing Clever, for sure. My mind always used to go blank when I need to come up with a good subject line – but there is an absolute ton of inspiration in this pack. And an honorary mention for the Facebook Group Blueprint 2.0 training, because it includes so much practical advice for starting your own community.”

Or ignore our suggestions entirely and head over to the Charm Offensive shop, and make up your own mind: CLICK HERE

Just remember to use the discount code: icantresistthediscount – ensuring you get a whopping 60% off whatever delectable charming produce you purchase.

You have until Monday, 11:59pm (CST) to take advantage of this utterly preposterous Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer.

(And don’t forget to put your Black Friday decorations away before Cyber Monday – or you’ll get bad luck!)

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