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The Charming Follow-Up Sequences Template Pack




The Charming Follow-Up Sequence Templates

This pack contains the following smile-inducing sequences:

  • An amusing sequence that pokes fun at the task at hand: having to send follow-up messages that get the attention of your prospects without infuriating them.
  • An entertaining sequence that tries to quench any possibility of an angry response.
  • A light-hearted ‘nurturing’ sequence that provides value to the prospect, while being direct about your intentions of getting them on the phone.
  • A tongue-in-cheek sequence that provides the prospect with the reason they should respond in each follow-up message.
  • An absurd sequence where each subsequent message includes a new “bonus” that the prospect will get if they reply to you.
  • A playful sequence comparing the average costs of your service to a range of ridiculous products and services.
  • A helpful sequence of 7 different tools, tips, tactics and resources the client can use to help mitigate the problem you want to solve – but never quite solve it.
  • A delicious “proof is in the pudding” sequence that presents the prospect with a number of case studies, client testimonials, and other proof your service works without sounding like a braggart.
  • A sequence comprised of only the most succinct, charmingly courteous follow-up messages.


Bonus 1: The Charm Offensive Magic Follow-Up Sequence

The original follow-up sequence that came with my first ever course, Always Be Winning. This is a tried and tested sequence that generates positive responses throughout the sequence.

BONUS BONUS: This sequence includes a copy of the opening email/message of the sequence: The original ‘drunk’ cold email/message. This inclusion of this provides you with an initial email/message to commence your cold pitch sequences – or at least, something to inspire or influence your own opening gambit writing efforts. 🙂

Bonus 2: The 5 Stages Of Grief Follow-Up Sequence

A more recent follow-up sequence that has been generating gushing, positive replies for those who have deployed it.