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Black Friday Staff Picks

I’d like to provide some suggestions for what Charm Offensive products you should by during the seasonal sales extravaganza that is the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. I recommend The Charming Cold Open Template Pack – and The Charming Follow-Up Sequences Pack. These are two of my most recent template packs – and I […]

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Unusual uses of charming copy

Learning the mechanics of charming copy, and being able to write it yourself, means you’ll be able to write for any purpose. Whatever your request might be, you can ‘charmify’ it yourself, thus enhancing the possibility of your request being agreed to. The most obvious and popular use of charming copy is to book sales […]

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What should I buy?

“I WANT TO HAND YOU MONEY JON, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW”   May I say you have exceptional taste?   Anyway, as you wish.   Here’s a list of some of my most popular wares:   B2B Charming Template Pack ———————————-   A collection of effective cold pitching and other charming templates for the ambitious […]

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