Monthly Archives: November 2019

My weird ways work

🌋A cursory scroll through the “PEOPLE SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME” tag page on the Charm Offensive Facebook Group will reveal my weird ways work:​​ There’s also evidence in the form of Facebook Memories.​ Thank heavens I used to post of these successes on Facebook – as now I get to show stuff like this:​​ […]

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Q&A: New Black Friday / Cyber Monday Templates

I thought it best to answer some questions regarding the new Charming Black Friday / Cyber Monday Template Pack.​​ Question: Who can benefit from the new Black Friday / Cyber Monday pack?​​ Answer: Anyone who offers b2b services. You could run an agency. You could be a freelance copywriter, marketer, advertising expert, designer, developer, PR expert, […]

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How I write charming cold pitch copy

One of the things I have to think about when I wrote Charm Offensive templates is what I’ve called “The Way In.” With the original drunk cold email, “The Way In” was to poke fun at the most obvious digital elephant in the room: the fact the prospect doesn’t know me – and I have no reason for […]

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