Monthly Archives: August 2017

Think Like An Underdog

In 1915, deep in the jungles of South America, the rising conflict between two rival American fruit companies came to a head. Each desperately wanted to acquire the same five thousand acres of valuable land. However, two different locals claimed to own the deed to the plantation. In the no-man’s-land between Honduras and Guatemala, neither […]

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Being Formally Ridiculous

I’ve been analysing some of my old cold emails and letters and found a pattern I use that I’ve not spoken about. I start a sentence using words that are often used in formal (or at least sensible) correspondence. “I trust,” and “I await” are good examples. I’ll then complete these sentences with something unusual. […]

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Who says?

“You have to be more professional.” “You can’t write an email like that to C-Suites!” “[job-title-that-apparently-makes-them-inhuman]’s will hate it!’ I hear this all the time. Apparently, when someone achieves success, they stop being human. If you want a meeting with someone important, you better write a message devoid of humour. It has to be bland […]

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