Who says?

“You have to be more professional.”

“You can’t write an email like that to C-Suites!”

“[job-title-that-apparently-makes-them-inhuman]’s will hate it!’

I hear this all the time.

Apparently, when someone achieves success, they stop being human.

If you want a meeting with someone important, you better write a message devoid of humour. It has to be bland and boring.

When someone achieves success, they decide “I don’t like to laugh anymore.” “

Smiling is something I used to do – before I became successful!”

Think how absurd that sounds!

BREAKING NEWS: CEOs at global brands are people too.

They don’t need or want to be put on a pedestal.

Show respect, yes. Of course.

But if you want someone’s attention, you better bring something to the table.

You have to stand out. Give them a reason to hit reply.

They’re people too.

Treat them that way.

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