Want to get the attention of a dream client? 

Send them a handwritten letter.

Nobody does it.

That’s why it works.

It follows the Charm Offensive ‘formula’, as it were:

[Attention] – The form alone will get attention. You earn a few additional seconds attention because sending a handwritten letter in 2018 is archaically charming.

[Disarm] – Now it’s time your words to do the work. Open your letter with the most honest thing you can say.

[Communicate] – Introduce yourself, and what you do / what problems you can solve in a way that will make people smile. Avoid hype. Be understated but ambitious. Meek but direct.

[Charm] – When making your ask (e.g. for a call, meeting or competitive binge-drinking session), frame it in a way so the prospect feels like they stand to gain from such a call, rather than be subjected to the hard sell.

For [Disarm], [Communicate] and [Charm], you can find joke formulas to make your copy more entertaining in the Charm Offensive Facebook Group -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/charmoffensivegroup/

Have the writing of a small child? Find someone with nice handwriting to do it for you.

They’re companies that will run these campaigns for you at scale.

Not everyone will reply, of course.

If you’ve had no response to your letter, follow up with an email one week later, with the subject line “handwritten letter.”

Or call them on the phone. When your prospect asks who it is, you can say “Did you get a slightly weird handwritten letter last week?”


“That’s me.”

This will work.

Everyone is trying to win their attention online.

Sometimes the least technological route is the least competitive and most novel and persuasive.

That’s not a bad first impression to make…

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