Monthly Archives: October 2017

Impact -> Communication -> Persuasion

Many cold approaches fail because they go straight to persuasion. The very first line starts with something like … “We’re the best people in the world at X… We’ve worked with X client and are ground-breaking X technology is a world’s first…” YUCK! Of course, that gets deleted! Your job is to sell the idea […]

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Funny Writing Hack (Not me…)

My friend, Sam, used to work at Primark (discount retail store) until we took him on as a copywriter. I asked him if he missed it. This was his response. Hilarious. This reminds me of a great exercise for writing funny copy from the book “Be A Great Stand Up” by Logan Murray where you […]

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Character Matters

I’m proud of what my Facebook Community, Charm Offensive, has become. I love the types of content people submit. It’s become the unusual, amusing, ‘pattern interrupting’ place I wanted it to be. I enjoy the blend of topics that are discussed. We cover cold pitching, sales, copywriting, advertising, growth hacking and tribe building with a […]

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Podcasts I’ve been on

Hey folks, Wanna hear me say words? Yeah? Excellent. Check out the podcast appearances below. The McMethod – The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers – The Unconventionalists with Mark Rustle – LinkedInformed with Mark Williams – The Sales Evangelist with Donald Kelly – City AM with Emma Haslett – Happy listening! Cheers, Jon […]

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How to get the attention of your dream clients

It’s hard to get the attention of senior decision makers at the world’s most famous companies. They are inundated with people vying for their attention. Many of these are your competitors who may have fancier officers, ostensibly better case studies, bigger client names and other advantages of scale. These advantages are by no means insurmountable. […]

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