Overworked and Underpaid

?✅♻ Overworking and looking for help ?✅♻ I’ve been overworking and I feel quite run down today. It’s time for me to start building a team. I’m only going to get so far if I try and do everything myself. I want to get to the point where all I’m delegating most tasks. I should be focusing on strategy, scaling and creating spectacular content. I also want to improve the presentation of everything I do. As such, I’m going to be looking for all sorts of talented folks soon. To start with though, I need a good editor. I have a tendency to ramble. I could be more succinct. If you’d like the unenviable task of becoming my editor, email your best pitch to jon@charm-offensive.co.uk. I’m taking today (or until I get bored of doing nothing) off to rest. Cheers, Jon P.S. The “Stop Selling Time” mini guide is almost ready. 🙂

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