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Closing with Charm




If you can reliably open AND close deals, you’re always going to make money. This ebook will take you through a process anyone can follow, step by step, to turn your prospects into paying clients.

You’ll learn all the little tactics I used to charm my way into closed deals.

​I learned to sell face-to-face at my first agency job in London in 2006. My very first week of my first ever agency job, I had to pitch. We won it! I think it was around £8k in initial project fees and a £3k retainer.

Since then I’ve closed deals worth £millions.

I’ve done thousands of sales calls and meetings in my time, both while working for digital marketing agencies in London and then running my own agency. And as a freelance marketing consultant and copywriter. I’ve even been on the other side of the table, albeit briefly.

This combined experience gives me a unique, comprehensive perspective on sales pitches that work.

GOOD NEWS: You don’t have to be FUNNY ALL THE DAMN time. I don’t try to do that. ​You need to demonstrate knowledge and passion. This ebook will take you through exactly what I used to do when I really wanted to win a deal.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  Neither do you have to become some macho ‘hardcore closer’ type, either! That’s the complete opposite of my style.


I will show you how to:

  • Turn prospects into paying clients – I lay out my exact process, step-by-step
  • Use your nerves as an ethical persuasive weapon
  • Sound like you’re excited and eager rather than desperate and in a hurry (even if you are!)
  • Talk about your proposed campaign in a way that signals unity between you and the prospect’s company
  • Ask the right questions – prospects love to talk about themselves – let them. Use these questions to extract the information you need to put together an ideal pitch. Remember: If the client is talking, you can’t say anything stupid. 😉
  • Respond to common questions from prospects about price, timeframes, your experience, your results, and methodologies.Price your services in a way that’s profitable for you and offers value to the prospect.
  • Make being a freelancer or smaller agency a selling point over your bigger competition
  • Reschedule cancelled calls in a way that makes prospects smile and respond, rather than prevaricate endlessly
  • ​”Level with” your prospects in a way your competition might not, making you appear more trustworthy, and thus more likely to close a deal
  • Benefit from “The Pratfall Effect” – and what it says about being ‘too perfect’ and how it can harm your chances
  • Follow up once you’ve sent a costed proposal, without sounding like a nagging pestering maniac.
  • Prepare for your call, without making too many assumptions that can actually harm your chances of winning a deal
  • “Stack your wins” and use the words of others to persuade your prospects that they should award you the deal
  • Send an email to the client to begin a project once you’ve been informed you’ve got the work
  • Use Dr. Robert Cialdini’s “6 Principles of Persuasion” to close more deals.
  • Differentiate your offering without bad-mouthing the competition.
  • Make your pitch memorable ​- so those you pitch to can easily parrot it to their colleagues and superiors.
  • Price your work using a clever little trick so that prospects can’t get away with paying you too little for too much work.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

  • I’ve done thousands of pitches in my time. As part of 3 different agencies, when running my own agency, and as a freelance marketing consultant & copywriter.
  • I’ve been on the client side, when I worked at LOVEFiLM, and had agencies pitch me. As Charm Offensive has grown over the last 2 years, I’ve been on the receiving end of a large number of pitches. I’ve been on both sides of the table.
  • I’m not some slick salesman. I’m not a slick anything. Yet I’ve been able to win deals with businesses of all sizes – the world’s largest brands, exciting start-ups, and regular ol’ mom and pops.