Create Your Niche

​​How to Create a Niche

I have an offering that you can’t get anywhere else. 

You might be able to get stuff that gets a similar end result, but nothing quite like Charm Offensive.

I’m able to send an email with an offer and a deadline, and always make money.

If I nail that offer, it can start to get interesting.

Once you have an engaged audience that buys from you, all you need to do is scale.

That’s what I’m working on now.

But the difficult part of building an audience and an offering people want has been done.

I created my own weird little niche.

I’ve broken down the key components that helped Charm Offensive succeed. You need not use all of these, but as with anything I put together, I hope it influences your thinking.

You need to create an audience around your way of thinking. When I first started Charm Offensive, some friends joked that it was like ‘having a little cult’. I would reply “Well, a lovely cult. That is.”

Jokes aside, I love what I do.

I get to help people succeed.

I get to live a life without deadlines.

And, yes, I’ll admit it, I love watching my phone beep with joy:

This ebook and video training pack shows you how to create your own weird little sub-niche, just like Charm Offensive.

It covers:

  • How I launched an ebook to build my following before starting the Charm Offensive Facebook Group.
  • The key questions to ask yourself in your pursuit of creating something captivating, unique, and saleable.
  • How to use ‘media hacking’ and other crafty tactics to build awareness at speed.
  • How to use LinkedIn’s laserlike search targeting to find and recruit new tribe members at scale.
  • The secrets to building mutually beneficial relationships with other influencers.
  • How to make ​every interaction matter, ensuring you build not just tribe members, but enthusiastic advocates of your message.
  • A 30-day plan for launching a Facebook Group and email list and growing it to 1,000 members.
  • How to monetise your newly created tribe.

​Does This Stuff Even Work?

​Hell YES it does!

​So, lay it out for me man... what EXACTLY do I get? And when?

​You get the ​mini eBook I've written on how to create your niche. It lays out exactly what I did to create my niche, and draws insight from what's also worked for my Pro subscribers too.

It's detailed and actionable - no fluff or filler here.

You also get a an hour-long video training which goes through the nuance and includes much more than I could put into the eBook.

With a couple of hours of your time spent reading and watching, you'll have all the pointers you need to start this journey for yourself.

This will all be delivered to your inbox and your special secret page on this site ​immediately.

And you ​get all the bonus materials immediately to boot too!

​That sounds pretty cool, but really - is that all?


I mean... in this case... NO!

​Because you're buying in the ​Launch Sale of course there's some amazing extra bonuses for you:

  1. The first video from my incredibly successful course ALWAYS BE WINNING - "Your Pitch to the World - Your Story, Ideal Clients, and Offer".

    This course currently sells for $2k. People pay that much, and I know that's a lot, and they rave about it and how it's changed their lives. This video is one of 11 modules, so I guess you could say it's worth about $200 on its own.

    I chose it specifically because it has a lot of crossover with this topic of how to define your niche. There may even be some duplication, but this video is in a different headspace and thinking about bigger ideas. It's definitely complimentary.

    It's 35 minutes of gold you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else without laying out for either my Pro Subscription or the full two thousand dollars on the course alone.

  2. Everything in my Offensively Easy Launch Formula mini-course.

    Yeah, I'm shooting myself in the foot now x2. The Offensively Easy Launch Formula is probably worth more than the $347 I normally charge for it, but despite everything in the main video being actionable magic it does come across as a bit dry. Sorry. Sometimes that's how learning the good stuff goes.

    But not only do you get the Launch Formula which is full of tranferable skills and insights relevant to building your niche, ​you also get the "Facebook ads to build your list template video" too. Ouch.

  3. Stop Selling Time - my previous eBook about how to scale your expertise. This should tie it all together nicely.

Create a Niche eBook & Training - $297
Always Be Winning Module 1 - $200
Offenively Easy Launch Formula - $347
Stop Selling Time - $29
Total: $873!

All for $99