Always Be Winning ON FIRE

Want to be able to open leads on command?

The first course I created was an unorthodox lead generation course called Always Be Winning.

This coaching offer will be based around this, but with a crucial twist.

This is Always Be Winning with added one-to-one coaching. I've never done this before, and likely never will again.

Spaces are extremely limited.

I'm not making this up, and it isn't a sales tactic. I only have so much time, just like you. I've worked it out that I can take 20 people max through this journey in the next month or so. That's why there's a "boring" form. Sorry.

If you think you can handle a wee boring form, then you should definitely read on.

I want to put you in a position where you are never worried about how you’re gonna find new clients. You’re always going to have opportunities. You can get in front of any type of business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local business, an exciting and innovative start up, or a global brand. You can meet any type of person - even if they’re a journalist at a national publication, an industry expert you look up to, or the CEO of a gigantic corporation. You will be able to open opportunities for yourself whenever you want - and when you’re able to do that, life gets really exciting.

I never thought I’d give this information away - which I guess is why I’m selling it instead. 😀

Announcing Always Be Winning ON FIRE!

Subject 1: Your Pitch To The World (2 Modules)

The first part is about crafting your story, your pitch and your offering.

It is not about building a website, growing a social media following or about building an email list. This course will show you how to succeed without needing those!

  • Develop an offering that’s compelling and specific.
  • Find out who your ideal clients are.
  • Write the perfect story that endears you to your prospects.
  • Craft a succinct one line pitch that will intrigue your prospects.
  • Creative a LinkedIn profile that gets attention and builds credibility and interest.

Subject 2: Find Your Ideal Customers And Start A Conversation With Them (3 Modules)

Find your ideal clients online and get their contact details.

  • How to write compelling copy for your cold approaches through cold email, direct mail and LinkedIn.
  • This won’t be a generic, boring approach that gets ignored!
  • I’ll show you how to do it the “Charm Offensive” way - an approach that cuts through the noise and gets your target customers to actually respond and want to talk to you.
  • How to go the extra mile for when you want to get the attention of your dream clients.
  • How to manage the whole process so you build opportunities for yourself right now - and in the coming weeks, months and years.

Subject 3: Build Your Influence Online (4 Modules)

That’s the outbound stuff sorted, but you also want leads to come to you. 

I’ll show you how to build your influence online using the same cold pitching tactics you use to generate leads.

  • Find and invite yourself on podcasts that your clients listen to.
  • How to find and convince journalists and other influencers to write about you.
  • How to write content on social media that intrigues your audience and builds their interest in you over time.
  • How to start a Facebook group around your area of expertise.

Subject 4: Turn Conversations Into Cash (2 Modules)

Lastly, and crucially, I’ll show you how to close deals. You will learn:

  • How to impress prospects on sales calls and in sales meetings.
  • What to research and ask before the call or meeting.
  • How to open the call or meeting.
  • What questions to ask.
  • How to follow up after the call or meeting.
  • How to create a proposal that stands out.
  • How to send the perfect email that gives you the best chance of winning.
  • How to really pull out all the stops, for when you want to win those dream clients.

One to One Coaching

Most importantly, me and my brother will coach you throughout the entire process.

The whole course, explained and expanded upon to fit your needs and circumstances - exactly the same way we made it work for us. The creative stuff, the technical stuff, everything.

You'll get 5 coaching calls, and you can email us any time. You'll get access to a private email address to ensure we prioritise getting a response to you.

You'll also get any templates from our arsenal you need.

Your outlay is £10,000. And it's worth it.

The ​Outcome

After taking part in this programme, you will always be able to open up opportunities for yourself.

You'll never be worried where the next sale is coming from.

Because you'll always be able to generate responses from your ideal clients like these:


​Come on, One Last Time!