Writing a book

I’m going to have an ugly first draft done of my book, “Have Your Way With Words” on the 24th September.

I hit on something when I launched my Facebook Group at the end of March this year. There’s plenty of resources and courses and books on sales copywriting. There’s less material available on how to use words to introduce yourself in a way that stands out and compels a response.

The advent of the Internet has made it easier than ever to contact busy people. Getting your message read and responded to is another matter entirely. Most resources focus on communication and persuasion, leaving out the crucial first step, getting attention.

You don’t need bells and whistles. As one person once said in response to one of my letters, “Another agency sent me a jumbo packet of chocolate biscuits. I can’t even remember their name… Your letter was captivating and made me laugh. This is worth far more than biscuits.”

There is a style of writing that is disarming and endearing and I believe it to be teachable.

There is a framework for the type of humour that works when making an ‘ask’. There are rules of thumb and formulas that one can follow, without having to pretend you’re someone you’re not.

I’m still piecing together the exact outline. I want to write a book that is accessible to everyone. A “mainstream” book.

The right words in the right order to the right people can get you anywhere in life. I want to help people find those words. I want to give people the tools to change their life for the better. But most of all, I want to be able to tell people I’m a published author. 🙂

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