Satirical Press Release

Sorry to some of you who have seen this one already. I’ve added a little extra detail which may be helpful. Don’t worry, a third exercise “The Productive Rant” is on it’s way to you shortly ūüôā
At some point, I decided to target PR and Communications Directors. 

I figured they may have £budget that I’d like to see in my bank account.

I could have sent a version of my original ‚Äėinformal/formal/absurd‚Äô cold email, but I decided to try something new.

I like to use the form that the resonates with the prospect. For PR / Comms Directors, I knew they’d recognise the format of a press release.

I decided to send them a faux press release. 

The press release announced that I was sending them a completely unsolicited email.

The prospect is part of the story.

There’s added humour as you get to write lines for the prospect, who is ostensibly being quoted.

Even if you don’t wish to write to journos/PR types, this template will be useful.

Writing your own ‚Äėmeta press release‚Äô is a great way of¬†practising¬†writing self-referential¬†humour.¬†


This Google Doc shows this template and includes comments that explain each line ->

Action: Try writing your own. Even if it’s similar to mine. You’ll get a feel for how to write self-referential¬†humour.¬†
You’re writing a press release about a press release.¬†
You’re announcing an announcement.¬†
There are other ways to play with form. 
For example, a news story about a news story. e.g. The second post on my satirical news website, The Influential, was a story about the debut article the site published. Check it out here:
To start with, try emulating my press release. Look at the comments to help you.
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