Podcasts I’ve been on

Hey folks,

Wanna hear me say words?


Excellent. Check out the podcast appearances below.

The McMethod – https://www.themcmethod.com/episode-180-jon-buchan-cold-emailing-strategies-make-people-open-read-reply-even-massive-brands/

The Truth About Marketing with Kevin Rogers – https://copychief.com/ep-121-jon-buchan/

The Unconventionalists with Mark Rustle – http://www.markleruste.com/tv-show/jon-buchan

LinkedInformed with Mark Williams – http://linkedinformed.com/episode172/

The Sales Evangelist with Donald Kelly – http://thesalesevangelist.com/episode556/

City AM with Emma Haslett – http://www.cityam.com/264944/city-am-unregulated-podcast-email-hero

Happy listening!



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