The hidden benefits of having a following 

My recent interview with Ben Settle reminded me one of the cool side benefits of having a ‘following’.

He’s been able to leverage his following to promote his creative passion, his series of novels.

It provides a huge shortcut. Your purely creative work can ‘piggyback’ from your professional following.

Even if I made not a cent or a pence from this group, I’d still do it.

Having a following has enabled me to launch my own satirical news site, The Influential, and immediately it’s garnered a small following.

I can continually cross-promote this creative endeavour and it will continue to grow.

If I want to launch a podcast, I will immediately have listeners.

If I finally start placing videos on YouTube, they will immediately get views and engagement.

Not everyone who likes Charm Offensive will enjoy my other creative pursuits, but some will.

I’ve deliberately focused The Influential on the digital business world to maximise the crossover appeal.

However, when the time is right, I can always expand The Influential to cover other topics.

I did something similar with Charm Offensive.

I initially started to focus on my core expertise, using humour in cold pitching. I had a great hook that helped this group grow organically, “The drunk cold email that changed my life.”

I’ve since expanded the group into other areas. This post, for example, is trying to convince you to start building your own ‘following’ or ‘tribe’.

Whenever I get good at something, I can help other people do the same.

When I want to pursue something just because I enjoy it, such as writing satirical news pieces, I can and I have a huge advantage over people who are starting from scratch.

Every day I build my following. I add new group members. I add people to my email list.

Every single day, this asset becomes more valuable.

It gives me options.

It gives me more time.

It generates revenue.

It enables me to experiment and get feedback on ‘fun’ projects.

If I work hard, I know I can eventually turn those ‘fun’ projects into new revenue streams.

I’m not thinking that far ahead but I’m glad I have the option.

This is a great place to be.

You can put yourself in the same position.

You just have to start…

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