Funny Writing Hack (Not me…)

My friend, Sam, used to work at Primark (discount retail store) until we took him on as a copywriter.

I asked him if he missed it.

This was his response.


This reminds me of a great exercise for writing funny copy from the book “Be A Great Stand Up” by Logan Murray where you write a “letter of hate”.

Think of something that has made you angry. Perhaps you had some bad service somewhere.

Then write a letter congratulating the owner on the bad service you received.

Instead of turning the volume up on your anger, you twist the knife by ostensibly praising someone (or something) while you’re actually mocking them.

This gets you into the habit of saying one thing and meaning another. This is a critical skill for writing comedic copy.

It also enables you to take your anger in the moment, and all those exaggerated feelings, and turn them into something funny and positive, rather than just have a depressing winge that nobody enjoys.

Letters like this (if they’re genuinely funny and not overly angry/bitter/scathing) can go viral and can lead to a response from whomever you are annoyed with. Bonus!

So start using the “Letter of hate” experiment today!

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