Exercise 4: The honest bio

Write the most honest CV or bio as possible.

Talk about how you got started in your sector. Was it obvious all along? Or did you fall into it?

Don’t brag, perhaps even be a little hard on yourself when describing your dedication, work ethic, skill etc.

Perhaps talk about your surprise you’ve got to where you are.

Talk about the horrible places you worked, or the people you didn’t like, or the commutes you didn’t like, or whatever it might be.

Talk about the journey you’ve been on, and exaggerate the bad parts and understate the good parts.

Be playful, don’t be too brutal on the places you may pick on, unless they deserve it.

I don’t suggest you use this in real life 😉 – but it’s a good exercise in being playful with things in your own life that are meant to be serious.

Talk sarcastically or absurdly or miserably or naively about your plans for the future.

This is an exercise in being more honest than is normative, while using some exaggeration and understatement.

“The truth is the funniest joke of all”

– Muhammad Ali

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