Character Matters

I’m proud of what my Facebook Community, Charm Offensive, has become. I love the types of content people submit. It’s become the unusual, amusing, ‘pattern interrupting’ place I wanted it to be. I enjoy the blend of topics that are discussed.

We cover cold pitching, sales, copywriting, advertising, growth hacking and tribe building with a focus on pattern interruption; showing people how to stand out out using creativity, honesty, humour and disarming candour. This is quite the weird niche we’ve carved out!

A lot of folks ask me what makes some groups successful and others flop.

There’s a lot of different factors.

I think first and foremost, character matters.

Everyone has content. We are drowning in it. We choose to listen to people that are interesting and do things differently.

Here are a few of the folks that I think are good examples of folks that do a good job at standing out from the crowd.

Colin Theriot from The Cult Of Copy helps other copywriters and ‘demystifies’ that particular world. His advice goes against what many others suggest, telling people they don’t have to ‘hand copy’ sales letters from the 70s to become competent. He will often engage in lively discussions with people on all manner of topics, showing his writing (and persuasion) chops in the process.

Josh Fetcher from Badass Marketers and Founders gives away his best knowledge. We all know that most lead magnets often aim to educate while not providing all the pieces of the jigsaw. Conversely, Josh doesn’t even ask for an opt-in. When he discovers something, he not only tells you about it, he gives you a point by point Google doc, explicitly explaining every part of the process. He also posts frequently about his failures and infrequently about his successes.

Katya Varbanova from Livestream Marketing for Entrepreneurs is hard to ignore. She is ambassador for the format of live streaming. She is blunt, telling people that live streaming is not an instant route to riches. She practices what she preaches/pitches. She started with 0 followers and used live streaming exclusively to grow her brand. She has many others, but she herself is perhaps her best case study.

Ben Settle is a guy that Colin pointed out to me when I first started my group. He doesn’t care if he offends you. He’d rather be loved and hated than have everyone have a lukewarm opinion of him. At first I didn’t like Mr Settle. Now I see that was perhaps deliberate. He forces you to make a decision about him quite early on. His talent for writing and his demonstrable success allows keeps people tuning in. (Heads up: I’ll be interviewing Mr Settle on November 3rd at 9pm UK time.)

Dan Meredith started Coffee with Dan to keep himself accountable. Now he helps thousands keep themselves accountable. Dan’s honesty about his personal life and frame of mind is refreshingly honest. We often see people’s highlight reel but not their ‘behind the scenes’. Dan shows both. This helps inspire other folks with similar troubles to take action. Dan is an absolute beast when it comes to creating content, and challenging people to improve their lives. His group frequently appears at the top of “Best Facebook Groups” lists and with good reason.

Vin Clancy and Charlie Price from Traffic & Copy are not an obvious team. They are different ages, have different areas of expertise and different backgrounds and personalities. But it works. It also shows that having a ‘whacky’ group name isn’t important. It is far more important to deliver great content consistently.

Having a unique angle and/or hook does help. I combined cold pitching and humour. The pinned post for the group introduces a funny (and true) story about how I wrote a cold email when I was drunk, that lead to meetings with some of the world’s largest brands. I included screenshots showing the kinds of responses I got from my drunken cold emails. People like stories. They also like to share cool places they’ve found with their peers. Without my funny story, I don’t doubt my group wouldn’t have grown nearly as fast.

I hope the examples above help you think about potential ideas for your own engaged tribe.

I’ll be posting here more often should this blog get engagement. If you’d like more free content, make a comment. It’ll give the the dopamine hit I need to write more of these posts.



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