The best business decision I’ve made in a long time 

When people join my Facebook group, I ask three questions.

One of those questions is “What’s your biggest pain point?”

The top answer, by far, is “Need more clients”.

This is probably no surprise, as this group started out as a group predominantly about cold pitching.

I still believe cold pitching is a great way of starting conversations with potential clients.

It’s something you can start immediately and see results from immediately for no cost. This makes it a fantastic option for folks who want to quit their job and go freelance or start their own agency.

One can run a profitable business using cold pitching as their only method of generating sales opportunities.

But there is something awesome about running a group like this one. Even if it didn’t make any revenue, I’d probably still do it.

It just so happens it does. It represents the majority of my revenue now.

Starting this Facebook group, and an email list, was one of the best decisions I’ve made in business.

I think everyone who believes themselves to be an expert in their field should start building a following.

Some of the benefits:

-> It positions you as an expert in your niche.
-> You get to interact with loads of interesting people.
-> People talk about you and your group – free word of mouth advertising and social proof.
-> Prospects come to you – and they want to work with you. There’s none of that “you gotta prove yourself” fun. They are pre-sold.
-> You get invited to appear on podcasts, to speak at events, and get free positive PR coverage.
-> You get to make and sell digital products that help people.
-> You have far more free time to focus on scaling your business or to focus on stuff outside of work.

Even if you don’t wish to sell digital products, I recommend starting a Facebook group and email list.

It’s another source of leads, and these leads are easier to close.

The last two elements, making and selling digital products and having more free time, are the most important to me.

You can package your knowledge and help more people. It’s infinitely scalable.

Starting your own tribe is instantaneously gratifying than getting positive replies to a cold email blast. It takes a little longer for the benefits to show up.

But when it starts working. It’s fantastic.

I’m just trying to plant seeds. I have enjoyed seeing people get to the position where they always have opportunities due to my teachings around cold pitching.

Now I wish to help people get into the position I am right now. I have an engaged and growing Facebook group and email list, a growing suite of digital products, and new opportunities coming to me all the time.

I did all of this in the last 7 months.

I started this group on a whim. If I can make a success out of this, you can too.

Start thinking about it…

I’ll be doing a webinar on this topic next week.

I also have my “Stop Selling Time” mini guide which you can find here ->

If you have any questions, put them in the comments below. 

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