All the way to the top, I guess

A lot of good things are happening.

But I still wake up with a feeling of uneasiness.

I’ve started exercising. I got out of shape. Mentally and physically. I’m trying to fix this.

I am realising that being elated all the time just isn’t possible. It’s these contrasts which make being happy possible.

My podcast with Kevin Rogers went live and it was great. I made him laugh a few times which is how I judge these things.

I posted my story on Reddit. I got the top of the 4 Subreddits I posted on. 30,000+ views. 600 odd new people in the group.

I posted a guide to how I got on The Truth About Marketing podcast and to the top of Reddit on the Badass Marketers and Founders group. Because of this, someone contacting me about writing a story about my approach to Reddit. Had a call with their journalist. I rambled a bit on the call but it went well.

I did a speaking slot at Google Campus. I got a great reception. I got some great laughs. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t nervous. Granted, there are elements I wanted to improve but even my cynical and anxious mind, I know it went well. After it was done, it was no big deal. I knew it would go well. I was confident.

I’ve started making sales more regularly. Little ones and big ones.

I’m getting more leads through my group. Work I can do well and that I enjoy and can charge good £ for.

My email list and group continues to grow.

I’m starting to write a book.

My focus now is to continue building my following. I’m going to add LinkedIn and YouTube to the mix. And this blog, which was meant to be just me writing my thoughts down for a book, but decided having something ‘live’ would force me into writing more.

I have a lot to be happy about.

I have a lot to do.

I have a lot to fix.

Writing this out has made me feel better. I forget just how much I do. I never stop. I sometimes need to wait for the world to catch up.

3 months ago I had none of this. I should be grateful.

Ok. Back to work. I’ll check in tomorrow.

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