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My name is Jon Buchan. I used to run digital marketing agency and about a year in, my word of mouth leads dried up.

I was desperate for sales and I dealt with that in the only way us Brits know how... I got blind drunk.

... In that time, I decided to write the most absurd cold email I could.

I was still tipsy enough in the morning to think it was a good idea to send my email to Marketing Directors, CEOs and other senior people at some of the world's largest brands and corporations.

To my amazement, it worked.

Take a look at these screenshots.

These are the result of a my desperate, drunk cold email.

There's more where that came from. I've saved them all. This might show my insecurity somewhat!

I’ve met with senior decision makers at RedBull, Pepsi, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, HSBC, Barclays, and countless other global brands, exciting start-ups and SMEs.

It turns out B2B doesn't have to mean Boring-2-Boring!

Take a look...

I’ve used this same style to get senior editors at large publications such as Yahoo Business,,, Channel4 News, The Independent, Time Magazine, and many more to respond to me and publish my clients' content.

The screenshot below is from the former editor of Venture Beat, Dylan Tweeney.

This tech publication gets millions of visitors per month.

I needed to get my biggest client, Symantec, some PR coverage.

We would have lost them as a client otherwise.

I went into work on a Saturday morning and sent Dylan an email.

It worked.

We got the coverage we needed.

A few years later, I was messaging Dylan on Skype and he sent me this message.

He remembered my pitch - even after 4 years!

I've used it to invite myself onto podcasts such as Kevin Rogers' "The Truth About Marketing" podcast.

I've used it to get people to my clients' events and seminars.

I’ve used it to help my friends get as many job interviews as they need.

Back in March last year, I started my Facebook Group, Charm Offensive, and started showing people my weird way of generating opportunities whenever I wanted.

Here's a few more screenshots for you.

This time let's show some results from people who took my advice...

Please, do enjoy some success stories:

You can get results like these.

And you can get them immediately.

Just grab my templates.

Start using them.

Start waking up to an inbox full of compliments and new opportunities.

Introducing The Freelance Copywriter Swiss Army Knife Bundle

Charming And Effective Email Templates & Resources To Help Freelance Copywriters Prosper

This bundle contains a range of Charm Offensive products to help you secure new clients, make more money from your existing clients, and become a more effective persuader.

I've curated the most useful templates and training materials to help you propel your freelance copywriting career. 

Let's take a look at what's included in this bundle...

Win With Words

My Proven Effective Drunk Cold Email Broken Down Line-By-Line

Win With Words is an ebook that runs through a version of my original drunk cold email line-by-line, revealing the humour devices and persuasive principles that make it so effective.

This ebook is beautifully designed. Towards the end of the ebook, there is visual wireframe of the template, detailing all of the devices at work. 

If you want results like those shown on this sales page, you'll should read Win With Words cover to cover.

In this ebook, you'll uncover how to:

⦿ Capitalise on the 'curious stranger effect' in your subject lines to skyrocket your open rates

⦿ Maximise your open rates further with an introduction line that demands a double-take

⦿ Use “The Warren Buffett Technique”: discern why an uncomfortable truth at the outset intensifies your message's allure

⦿ Make your pitch painless: how to sell softly and carry a big impact

⦿ Craft an offer that teeters between the ordinary and the outrageous to transform your cold email into a hot topic of conversation

⦿ Harness the power of the parting provocation: create a 2nd last line of your cold pitch that's playful yet potent in prompting a reply

⦿ Discover the art of the vibrant sign-off: a final phrase that leaves a lasting impression

⦿ Master the art of the memorable email signature: be professional, personal, and pleasantly peculiar

⦿ Design unsubscribe messages that can soften even the sternest haters

BONUS: I've included an additional proven effective template for booking informal job interviews through cold pitching. 

The 5 Stages of Grief Follow-Up Sequence

A Smile-Inducing Follow-Up Sequence That Maximises Your Cold Pitch Response Rates

When sending cold pitches, it's wise to send follow-up emails to prospects who've haven't replied to your cold pitch.

Even with my charming, humorous cold pitch style, some folks won't reply to the initial email. For instance, they might have enjoyed your email but got distracted. If you don't send follow-up emails, you're leaving money on the table. 

However, many people send awful follow-up emails. They sound entitled and impatient, rendering them ineffective. 

My 5 Stages Of Grief Follow-Up Sequence is different. It humorously informs the prospect that their lack of reply has pushed them into the 5 Stages Of Grief, with each subsequent email detailing which stage you're currently at.

By deploying this proven-effective sequence, you're cold pitch campaigns will generate a far greater number of positive responses from your prospects.

The Charming Freelance Copywriter Template Pack

A Selection Of Persuasive Templates To Help You Propel Your Professional Copywriting Career

I've compiled a selection of my effective templates that will best aid you, the professional freelance copywriter, in winning new clients, making more money from your existing clients, navigate the sales process, and manage the clients you've won.

Generating New Leads

One of the most critical elements of having a successful copywriting career is to have a flow of leads. Even when you have active clients, you should be starting conversations with new prospects.

The more conversations you are having with prospects, the more options you'll have, providing you with more security and leverage. You'll be able to choose which deals you wish to pursue. You can be more discriminating, meaning you don't have to take on clients that are less than ideal.  

This includes the following:

⦿ A cold pitch template specifically crafted for freelance copywriters to start conversations with ideal prospects

⦿ A cold pitch designed for those with no commercial experience seeking their first client

⦿ A fawning, gushing cold pitch to send to brands you love and really want to work with

⦿ A referral request template for existing clients, plus a version for ex-clients

⦿ A message to announce your new move to freelancing to former colleagues

⦿ A request for testimonials from your clients, making it easier to persuade new prospects that hiring you is a wise idea

Selling to Existing and Previous Clients 

While starting conversations with existing clients is important, you should also seek to make as much revenue from your existing clients, and reach out to previous clients to see if more work is available.

This section includes templates for the following purposes:

⦿ Contacting ex-clients at an agency you used to work at

⦿ Getting more work with clients you've previously done work for

⦿ Making more money by upselling existing clients

⦿ Selling existing clients by cross-selling additional services you have to offer

⦿ Moving project-based clients into retainers

⦿ Reconnecting with prospects you didn't end up working with to see if there are any potential projects you can pitch for

⦿ Reintroducing yourself to past clients, informing them of your availability

⦿ Following up with prospects who told you that they weren't able to hire you immediately but would consider this in future

Sales Process Templates

When trying to close new deals, a variety of different circumstances can arise. This selection of templates provides templates for corresponding with clients during the sales process.

This selection includes templates for:

⦿ Presenting a revised proposal to prospects

⦿ Protecting a potential project from "Scope Creep" - meaning you'd have to do more work for the same amount of money

⦿ Following up with prospects who you've sent a proposal to but not heard anything back from

⦿ Requesting feedback when you don't win a project from a prospect

⦿ Responding to a prospect who's trying to negotiate on price

Client Management Templates

Once you've secured clients,  you want to retain them for as long as possible. Thats why it's important to correspond with them correctly.

This selection includes templates for:

⦿ Getting your late invoices paid by prospects

⦿ Apologising to clients when a mistake has been made

⦿ Boosting client confidence by promoting results

⦿ Building rapport with client team members who you've not spoken to one to one.

⦿ Clarifying crucial details from a client call

⦿ Connecting two clients who would benefit from working together

⦿ Delivering a monthly report to a client

The Rules & Principles Of Charming Copy

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Charm Offensive Style Copy I've Ever Released

This ebook provides a breakdown of the humour formulas, rhetorical devices, and persuasive tactics used in Charm Offensive style copy.

In this ebook, you'll uncover how to:

⦿ Master the art of stating your self-interested goals to make your requests more persuasive

⦿ Dive into the dynamic realm of words that possess plosive consonants, infusing your writing with pop and pizzazz, captivating your audience's attention

⦿ Use the right touch of absurdity to slice through the mundane clutter of business communication, ensuring your message isn’t just seen, but enjoyed, responded to, and remembered

⦿ Elevate your content with the Comic Triple, a versatile and accessible formula for injecting humour into your writing while keeping your audience engaged

⦿ Upgrade your writing prowess by mastering The Triple Reverse, crafting introductions that hook your audience with humour and humility

⦿ Uncover the art of The Silly List Item to inject a dash of unexpected humour into lists of products and services, making even the most mundane copy much more memorable; assuring your prospects possess a smirk or full-blown smile upon reading it

⦿ Make persistence your punchline, turning sighs into smiles with every follow-up message you send

⦿ Use the Hyperbolic Backpedal to turn lofty promises into laugh-out-loud honesty that wins hearts and opens wallets

⦿ Refine your persuasive requests by mastering the Positive/Negative Formula, striking the perfect chord between serious and playful

⦿ Skillfully blend formal setups with informal punchlines to create delightfully incongruous and amusing sentences

⦿ Master the art of the Ridiculous Comparison, juxtaposing your offer with wildly unrelated purchases to spotlight its unique value

⦿ Hone your ability to build anticipation using the Suspense Triple, leveraging punctuation to engage readers in your narrative

⦿ Inject humility into your messages with understatement, gently moderating claims that might come across as overly confident or boastful

⦿ Delve into the art of confident self-presentation peppered with moments of self-deprecation

⦿ Polish your copy by masterfully blending the mundane with grandeur, infusing your messages with a touch of understated grandiosity

⦿ Get acquainted with the power of sugar-coating your reasonable requests in a way that makes the other party more receptive and open to your proposals

⦿ Craft messages that make your prospects want to be part of your journey to success

⦿ Grasp the technique of addressing your prospects' or clients’ needs without presuming too much

Charming AI Guide

Use ChatGPT To Personalise Any Of The Templates In This Bundle

Not everyone has a natural ability to write charming, funny lines. 

I taught ChatGPT a range of my humour formulas and was pleasantly surprised by the results. 

In the Charming AI Guide, you get the exact prompts and iterations you need to use to generate an unlimited number of funny lines you can use for your own cold pitches, emails to your list, social media content, social media ads, and other mediums where you want to solicit a smile from the reader.

This will enable you to write lines that are specific to your offer, discipline, and situation. Even if you don't use the lines verbatim, you'll be given ideas that you won't have thought of yourself.

The Charming AI Guide is a potent weapon for anyone wanting to add unique humorous lines to their copy.

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