(Hey Charmers, this is a test landing page... I'm working on a new charming Facebook ad template pack ;)

I have to be honest.

The b2b sales mini guide, while excellent, was just a ruse to get your attention.

If you're still reading this, my dastardly plan has worked.

You’re seeing this page because I'm using Facebook ads to target erudite, innovative entrepreneurs in London. If this isn’t true, either my targeting is off or you’re being too modest.

I’m writing this ad from the offices of Charm Offensive, a daring marketing agency in London that I run with my partner, [name], and a team of 10 people far more talented than me.

Here they are:

[Replace the image above with a funny photo of your team smiling / celebrating.]

For over 5 years, we’ve run our own amazing agency and we love it. It’s an amazing feeling to know we’re not ripping clients off - and we feel like we’re doing the best work of our lives. 

We’re looking to win clients away from those evil (ok… maybe not evil… but as as good) other agencies. We’re doing well but we won’t be satisfied with anything but total domination.

We’re open to doing a free brainstorm session with you. I’ll even bring some of our more amiable ‘client facing’ team members with me!

This can be online using Zoom or you’re welcome to come and visit us at our offices in London.

If you book the session on a Friday, we will even wheel out our drinking globe:

If my charm offensive has failed, I have a secret weapon.

Please find enclosed a picture of a cat begging.

His name is Rufus.

I trust this will charm you into submission.

I’ll go even further.

If you schedule a quick call with me using the link/enormous button below, I’ll tell you the lamest joke I know OR some random trivia I'm confident you'll find borderline fascinating.

Never fear, this is by no means mandatory.

If nothing else, you’ll get some ideas you’re free to steal.

I'm biased but I believe clicking the button below will be the best decision you've made all hour!

First off, let's have a brief chat... 

If you're at all curious, please click the button below with all your enthusiasm. 

No flimsy clicks please!

Thank you!

Nobody in history has ever done anything this clever.