I've learned a lot from Daryl Warner. I used to work with him when he was the Head of Sales for I-Spy Marketing. I remember hearing him cold call every day for eight hours. He would book opportunities with huge brands and then I would be the geeky consultant that would go along with him to ​close those deals.

I would find ​ways to achieve a client's goal and I would talk to them about that in a 20-slide ramble in a sales pitch.

The very next day, Daryl will have distilled that idea down to a 15-second pitch that he could use on ​the next cold calls to keep them on the phone and then book a ​meeting with them.

This was at the agency I-Spy and he took them ​from having 5 staff to 70, and eventually they were sold to iProspect for an undisclosed sum of many millions.

This pack distills down Daryl's 21 years of experience into easy to use scripts you can use to cold call and generally improve your phone skills.

This pack is for:

  • Agency owners and freelancers who want to be able to open up new leads
  • Small business owners / employees who want to generate leads via cold calls
  • Sales Professionals that want to improve on current skills and confidence on the phone
  • Anybody who wants to use cold calling as one of their methods to increase revenue

This pack includes scripts for:

  • Opening your calls
  • Building instant rapport
  • How to deal with the gatekeeper
  • How to pitch clear,​ concise, and to-the-point  
  • The all-important Following up

You’ll learn loads of effective techniques and tactics including:

  • An unusual ‘meek’ way to ingratiate yourself, even to prospects who usually wouldn’t give you the time of day
  • ​Daryl's “crafty” way of getting transferred to the person you want in an organisation, even if you’ve never spoken to them before
  • The single biggest mistake I see new cold callers making and how you can avoid falling into the same trap
  • How to keep dialling and making a high volume of calls
  • The honest approach - how to make honesty sell for you and make clients want to talk to you
  • How to get past the various gatekeepers without being shady
  • Have answers ready for the questions almost all prospects ask
  • How to disarm and charm in the first 10 seconds



Script Training Video - Value: £149

The pack comes with an explainer video running through how to use the scripts.

Sales Tactics Training Video - Value: £199

Bonus training video of Daryl and Jon talking about cold pitching, phone skills, closing deals and our agency days.

Total Value: £299 + £149 + £199 = £647

Usually, this script pack would cost £299 on it's own.

You can get it for the RIDICULOUS launch price of £249​ with all the bonuses :)

Is Daryl Any Good?

There's even an intriguing one from me in 2011... :)

Daryl has been doing this stuff for 21 years.

He taught me a ton about sales. He's booked meetings and closed deals with some of the world's largest brands.

And you get access to his effective sales scripts for an ABSURD price.

Usually, this script pack would cost £647.

You can get IMMEDIATE ACCESS for the RIDICULOUS launch price of £249 ​for a limited time only.

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