Social Media Storytelling Crash Course

Educate and Entertain Your Audience - All while Selling People on YOU!

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If you’re running a business and trying to promote it via social media, you may be wondering “What the hell do I say?”

One answer to this question is: Tell stories.

Telling stories has a crucial
 benefit: People read stories. And remember them. And share them.

What does this mean for the no doubt erudite and lovely digital entrepreneurs reading this right now?

I’ll tell you what it means. It means all of those frustrating, difficult or downright strange experiences you’ve built up over the years can now be milked for views and profits. 😀

You can talk about your success stories too, but in a way that isn’t self-indulgent. Stories allow you to show off your expertise, character, and positive attributes, importantly, in a format people will actually read in full.

They work wonderfully in attracting people who you share common experiences with, while also being enjoyed by those reading who are perhaps less experienced.

And because stories tend to get a lot of engagement, more people will read your content.

Engagement means reach.

Reach means more traffic.

More traffic means more conversions.

This crash course will teach you the building blocks of storytelling - and how to apply that to writing content for social media.

Some of my most engaged posts in the Charm Offensive Facebook Group are my story posts. You get copies of these posts in the swipe file included in this pack.

So for all of you who are thinking, “I just need to see some examples so I can go ‘Ah ok. Like that. Got it.” I got you covered, too!

... But I've also included an explainer video that runs through the stories line by line, for those of you who would prefer more prescriptive step-by-step detail.

You can use storytelling in any channel or medium. It’ll work on Facebook or LinkedIn. In text or video. It’s timeless.

And it doesn’t take long to get good enough at it for it to be beneficial.

All of these qualities make storytelling a particularly useful skill to possess.

Stories can be told by anyone, whether it be an artist or a marketer or a developer or something even more niche and strange or ‘boring’ and people will stop and listen.

And those same people may then follow you on Facebook, or join your group or your email list.

And those same people might buy something from you.

… Or invite you on to their podcast.

… Or to publish a story about your story.

… Or unlock some other opportunity that you couldn’t have predicted.

In short, learn how to do this stuff, because it's incredibly valuable.

I've teamed up with an expert to deliver this pack...

John Ryan is an Education Consultant (and erstwhile copy-editor) whose educational consultancy ( creates English language and curriculum learning resources for educators and schools globally.

These courses / "curriculum learning resources" (sic) often use popular culture in the real world to show how to teach English. This focuses on narrative language, and fits in with how to use storytelling in the real world.

Together, we will take you through how to write epic stories that work for your business.

Using John's knowledge of how storytelling works - from the fundamentals, to the psychology, to each essential element - we've created a pack that not only reverse engineers how I've naturally used storytelling in Charm Offensive, but also proactively teaches you how to build successful stories for your business.

Oh, and you get comments like these:

... and this:

What's in the pack?

The pack comes complete with training videos that show you:

  • How to write a story.
  • Why stories are interesting to people, and ​your audience.
  • The theory and proof of why stories are interesting and effective in showing off your business prowess.
  • How to give your story ‘legs’ and keep telling it after it is first told, so as to maintain and build on the connection you form with your audience through it.
  • How to tell your story in business.
  • The 7 ​universal plots (almost) all stories are told through, and how to use these to show off your business prowess.
  • Twists, turns, and variations on your stories - to further show off your business prowess.

You'll learn:

  • Incorporate storytelling into all your social media content, which appeals to your audience, to show off your skills, qualities, and capabilities in business.
  • Write an 'origin story' that's memorable without being braggadocious or pretentious.

  • Structure your story effectively so as to keep the audience’s interest throughout.
  • Form an "interpersonal" relationship with your audience, the basis for them becoming a customer or client - and then maintain it.
  • Add humour to your stories and to make them more enjoyable, memorable, and shareable.
  • Talk up your success stories in an enjoyable way that doesn't sound self-indulgent.
  • Incorporate pitches into your story copy to generate leads and sales.
  • Maximise engagement on your social media posts. More engagement = more reach. More reach = More interest / traffic / sales.
  • How to stand out with social media images that stop people scrolling and get them to start reading your stories.

You'll receive:

  • A detailed run-through of how I have used this technique on social media when telling the story of Charm Offensive, as well as how I continue to do so with new material, products, and services.
  • A full-length eBook exploring the elements of storytelling covered above.
  • Training videos expanding on the areas mentioned above, to give you even more insight into the storytelling process and how to maximise its effectiveness.


Storytelling Swipe File & Explainer Video

You will also get a swipe file of social media stories written by me, based in part on his previous business experience and how I've used this method.

We've also included a bonus explainer video that runs through all of the stories in the swipe file, making it easier for you to write your own.

You'll see how I have used my past experiences to build credibility through social media content. Story based posts always get a ton of engagement and reach.

You’ll get swipes of my own successful social media content, and new stories written for this pack, including:

  • How I left my job and started my own agency.
  • The “Drunk Cold Email” story that launched Charm Offensive.

  • The time I fired an angry (and even more frequently, snide) client that ​finally got to me.
  • The day our small agency won a $multibillion revenue client (Symantec).

  • My first day working at an agency and becoming a ‘professional’.
  • How we won Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a client by agreeing to create a pitch for a project completely alien to us.

  • The day I went into the office on a Saturday, fired off an email, and achieved PR coverage for Symantec in a gigantic tech publication.
  • How we created an infographic entitled “How To Influence & Persuade” and convinced journalists to publish it using the persuasive principles mentioned on the very graphic they were agreeing to publish.

  • The time I wrote a completely insane, bordering on psychotic job advert for a client to successfully generate PR coverage and links for him.
  • The story of the best cold call salesman I ever met and what he taught me.

  • The charming and creative PR man that influenced me greatly and broadened my horizons to what one could get away with successfully in the world of promotion.
  • My brief time working on the other side… Dun dun dunnn... The client-side - and what I learned from it.
  • The benefits of working at a chaotic, disorganised agency as someone just starting out.
  • “When I was a desperate mess” - (This post made people cry, so I thought it best to include it).

  • The time we got fired by a client - but we ignored it and kept working for them for another year.

  • My amusing mistake in a pitch that helped us win a deal.

  • Another unfortunate vocal error in a client ‘handover’ meeting.

Adding Humour To Stories

If anything is better than a story, it's a funny story. 

Humour and storytelling are a potent combination. 

In this bonus video, I take some of my most successful social media posts and add additional humour to them, explaining the devices and formulas I’m using, and how to create your own.

The completed ‘humour-enriched’ posts contained in the video will also be included in the bonus swipe file.

How To Build A Following On Facebook without Ads

I've decided to add another bonus at the last minute... Hey, a good idea is still a good idea! 🙂

In this mini training, I'll show you an easy way to build a following on Facebook without using ads. You don't have to set up a group, either. 

Social media adds scale to the equation. This training will show you how to quickly build a follower case, so you'll have someone to tell your stories to.

​Launch Sale Offer

The Launch Sale Offer price for this pack is £149.

Gotta reward the early birds. 🙂

This is a VERY LIMITED launch offer.

The price will AT LEAST quadruple when it's placed in the Charm Offensive store.

This offer expires midnight, ​Monday 1st July 2019 - UK time.

The finished pack will be delivered to you ​immediately - there's a full 100+ page eBook, 2 Swipe Files, and ​23(!!!) ​videos in this pack​​​.