Charm Offensive Professional Lifetime Membership

Howdy, dear Pro Charmer.

How would you like to never have to pay me any more money ever again?

… While still getting access to all of my existing – AND – future products…

Now you can, with the Charm Offensive Professional Lifetime Membership.

There’s already £20k+ worth of stuff in Charm Offensive Professional.

And more ebooks, video trainings, templates, and other effective prosperity-aiding stuff is going to continue to be added all the time.

With a lifetime membership, you’ll get access to ALL of this for a one-off fee.

Why am I offering this?

The self-interested reason: I have just started using Facebook Ads (and Reddit ads + other channels to follow soon) to grow my email list, scale my business, and, well, make my dreams come true! I have big ambitions, and it's time to take period traffic by its costly horns and run with it.

It would be a huge help to team Charm Offensive - and you get to enjoy all of my materials, forever, without ever handing to pay me another penny, ever again!

Exclusive Bonus #1 - Consultancy Call

If you purchase a Lifetime Membership, you get a call with Jon and Gary

We can talk about your business, your problems, and your goals. We can answer any questions you have.

This call will be recorded so you can listen to it whenever you wish.

Exclusive Bonus #2 - Advisory Document

We will use the call above to inform a comprehensive advisory document for your business.

This will include:

  • Recommendations for how to improve & optimise your sales and marketing activity

  • Ideas for creative marketing campaigns to scale your business

  • Suggestions for new channels you could use to generate new customers

  • Recommendations for technology solutions to aid your sales & marketing goals

  • Any other areas you'd like us to cover


This kind of consultancy would usually cost you at least £10k.

However, we don't offer consultancy anymore. This offer is the only way to consult with us directly.

Exclusive Bonus #3 - Skype Access

By signing up for a Lifetime Membership, you'll get Jon and Gary's Skype usernames - and permission to message them whenever you need some guidance. 

This is an unparalleled level of access - and is only available by purchasing a Lifetime Membership.

Lifetime Membership Value

You get:

  • The current Pro content stash contains £20k worth of stuff.
  • Lifetime access to the Pro Content Area - meaning you get access to every new product I ever create
  • Consultation call
  • Comprehensive advisory document for your business.

This is worth £10k - and the only way to get this kind of access is through purchasing a Lifetime Membership.

And on top of that, you get access to every new product I will ever make in future. 

All for $3,899 / £2,999!

That is scandalous value! :-)

Thank you for your support,


Want access to everything... forever?

Get access to over £20k worth of existing materials, every new product we create, and the bonus one-to-one consultancy package.

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