Podcast Episode 4: Persuasion

This episode covers an absolute ton of good stuff: from the six principles of persuasion and how to use them to build your influence, and some of the best books we’ve been reading recently, to honesty, humour, and… chaos theory.

We cover…

  • How to use persuasion to your advantage
  • The six principles of persuasion
  • Building more honest business relationships
  • The primacy effect
  • How I made peace with scarcity marketing
  • How we use authority and trust signals to persuade
  • How to use your competitors to get PR coverage
  • Using social proof
  • The benefits of experience
  • The most powerful weapon for making you more likeable
  • Why the first line of my drunk cold email worked so well
  • How context affects humour
  • Chaos theory and the importance of the little things
  • Genuine authority versus fake pushiness
  • Some of our favourite books on persuasion
  • How unconscious biases affect us… And how to use them to your advantage

…plus a load of other topics too. What are you waiting for?!


Audio Only:

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