you just cost me $5! 
linkedin ads are notoriously expensive!

I forgive you though... just this once...

I promised you a magic email cheat sheet.

I'm going to make good on that promise... and give you even more!

Click the dashing red button below and you'll be taken to a folder containing my "Charm Offensive Goodie Bag".

This contains the following:

  • My guide to getting started with cold email.

  • An ebook, How To Be Somewhat Funny. This 51-page guides teaches you joke formulas, writing exercises and other techniques to make your copy more entertaining.

  • My Magic Email Cheat Sheet. This runs through some of the core principles behind writing emails that stand out and generate positive responses.

  • My Promote Yourself Playbook. This runs through a variety of tactics you can use to generate leads today.

  • Stop Selling Time. This guide teaches you how to build a following around your area of expertise from scratch.

Here's the exact copy in my original 'drunk cold email'.
I know, this is a letter... I started sending it as a direct mail piece, but the copy is near identical.

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