Every day, your prospects receive hundreds of emails.

How do you have any hope of stopping your prospect's scrolling in a positive way, without sounding like an ignorant dudebro on any dating app? 

What are you used to seeing on a regular basis?

Social media newsfeeds peppered with highly targeted ads for trinkets you have little interest in buying?

The back of the car in front while stuck in rush-hour traffic?

Those highly judgemental "Are you still watching?" messages on Netflix?

There's definitely one thing you're very used to seeing on a regular basis - sometimes moreso than the examples above.


Sales emails. Marketing emails. Pointless confirmation emails. Emails that should've been phone calls. Every day, we receive hundreds of emails.

If you can't get your email opened, you can't get responses to your cold pitches, or clicks to your content or special offers.

How do you have any hope of stopping your prospect's scrolling in a positive way, without sounding like an ignorant dudebro on any dating app?

The fact is, you're an uninvited guest in their inbox. You're already fighting an uphill battle. Instead, try Inboxing Clever. Think about the sorts of emails you like opening. Good news emails. Quirky emails. Emails that intrigue and resonate with you personally.

If you know Charm Offensive, there may be a good chance you already know how to craft cold emails that get responses. But writing and sending the email is only one piece of the puzzle.

How do you curb the client's cold indifference?

Can you convert a callous, choleric character into a curious, considering customer?

Well... yeah, you can.

Introducing Inboxing Clever:

The Scroll-Stopping Subject Lines Pack

This template pack has one goal in mind:

Scroll-stopping subject lines to get your sales pitch seen.

The pack includes:

  • A range of our favourite subject lines designed to stop the scroll and convince the client to click.
  • Subject lines for both cold pitching - and selling products to an opt-in list.
  • Both personalised and non-personalised subject lines.

Want to get this pack for the special offer discount?

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£599 £49

So what's included in Inboxing Clever?

This pack contains boredom-busting subject lines for both cold pitching - and emailing an opt-ed in list.

This includes the following subject line types:

Cold Emailing prospects to generate responses

  • Personalised cold email subject lines, with spaces and mail merge markers that allow you to target specific companies, job titles, industries, and more.
  • Non-Personalised cold email subject lines, for campaigns where such personalisation isn't possible - but you still want to maximise open rates.
  • Subject lines to use when sending follow-up emails to prospects who don't respond to your initial cold pitch.

Emailing your list to drive clicks and sales to your content or offers

  • Content promotion subject lines to send to your list to drive people to a particular article or resource you've created.
  • Subject lines to send to your list when launching a new product.
  • Seasonal subject lines to use to get your emails seen during seasonal events, when inboxes are often filled to the brim with competing special offers. This includes subject lines for:
            New Year
            Bank Holidays
            Independence Day
            Fall / Autumn
  • Flash sale subject lines to announce a limited-time offer to your list.
  • Closing day subject lines to deploy on the final day of a particular offer.

Want to try these subject lines out for yourself?

Buy before the deadline expires to grab it for over 90% off.

£599 £49

Want more? How about some bonuses?

BONUS: The Emoji-Infused Guide to Pattern Disruption

This brand new mini-guide shows you how to stop your prospects scrolling using emojis.

If you've always wondered whether emojis are worth entertaining outside of Snapchat and Instagram, this bonus is for you. It focuses on three key aspects:

  • Impact: Stand out in an unfamiliar inbox
  • Communication: Create an emotional response
  • Persuasion: Resonate with your prospect

This bonus pack also includes:

BONUS: Emoji Colour Wheel

This bonus goes hand in hand with the Emoji-Infused Guide to Pattern Disruption. The Emoji Colour Wheel includes 8 important factors to consider when choosing your emoji, plus a tool for swiftly inspiring your next scroll-stopping subject line.

BONUS Emoji Colour Chart

We basically took all the research we put into the first two bonuses, and presented it in chart form! With this bonus, you'll discover the most eye-catching colours and be equipped to pick out the perfect emoji for your attention-grabbing subject line.

Does my stuff work? Ohh yes it does!

It can work for you, too:

With one of Jon’s templates, my first cold email got forwarded to the marketing manager by the gatekeeper 😂

Jake Rubnitz

Leads out of nowhere


l'm productive all of a sudden and have a load of leads out of nowhere since that Damn Jon decided to tell me what to do.

I've inconveniently had to invest in a crm system.

I've just had a meeting which could give me a contract bigger then I can count (assuming I deliver which I will) so now my brain hurts.

Damn you Jon and your simply easy (yet fantastic) ways of communicating with people & getting clients.

If anyone is interested in buying his stuff then you'd be silly to even consider it... I mean who wants such problems in life? It was easier when I was broke. Good day.

Luke Nevill


Have started reaching out to some much larger companies than I usually do, using some of the Charming techniques learned from Jon - and I wish I had done this sooner!

I sent 3 yesterday and already have one response... from a company with £350m+ in funding. Happy days!

I think the point of this post is to encourage everyone to keep reaching high and back yourselves

Peter Dawson  //  It Consultant

Want to try these subject lines out for yourself?

Buy before the deadline expires to grab it for over 90% off.

£599 £49


How do I use these templates?

You can use these scroll-stopping subject lines to stand out in any inbox. You can tailor many subject lines to suit your prospect, writing style, or a specific stage in an email sequence.

Do I have these subject lines?!

This is the only subject line pack I've released. Unless you've bought this specific pack before, you don't own it.

What niches do they work in?

Any. They are not niche specific. If you're targeting humans, these templates will work. If you're not, you have other problems. 😀

Who will this work for?

Anyone who needs more leads. If you’re a freelance professional, agency owner, consultancy, b2b supplier, or a business development manager, this pack will be useful for you.

When will this be ready?

It's ready now. You can download it as soon as you've purchased. 🙂

JON BUCHAN  //  Founder, Charm Offensive

A good few years ago, I was desperate for sales after my word of mouth work dried up.

I got hellishly drunk one night and wrote a completely absurd cold email. I was still tipsy the next morning and decided it was still a good idea to send it to pretty senior Marketing Directors at big brands.

To my astonishment, it worked. I got the most amazing complimentary responses and requests for calls/meetings, from senior decision makers at RedBull, Pepsi, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Barclays and countless other global brands. Symantec and Hewlett Packard became clients.

All because of a crazy cold pitch.

I decided to start teaching others my unorthodox approach to cold pitching. People listened to my weird advice and found that it worked for them, too.

That's what Charm Offensive is all about: getting the attention of busy people.

Jon Buchan

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