Q&A: New Black Friday / Cyber Monday Templates

I thought it best to answer some questions regarding the new Charming Black Friday / Cyber Monday Template Pack.


Who can benefit from the new Black Friday / Cyber Monday pack?​


Anyone who offers b2b services. You could run an agency. You could be a freelance copywriter, marketer, advertising expert, designer, developer, PR expert, consultant, coach – or something different entirely. ​

But only those who want sales leads. You’ve seen over and over and over that my templates work. It comes down to how ambitious and aggressive you are when it comes to growing your client base. This pack costs £99 in the Pre-Sale offer. If you offer professional services as an agency or a freelancer, I hope that one new client pays for this *many* times over. ​


Isn’t Black Friday / Cyber Monday a terrible time to send cold emails? Surely this is when prospects inboxes are likely to be filled with special offers from everyone and their mother?


Ordinarily, you’d be correct. And most ‘sensible’ people will probably put off sending cold emails during this period.

With enough energy and daring (or my templates, lol) you can turn this negative into a positive.

We’re going to be creative – and we’re going to be funny. The topical nature of Black Friday weekend almost guarantees our messages will resonate with our participants. In simple terms, nobody is going to ask, “What the heck is Black Friday?!?”

Even those who detest these kinds of commercial holidays can get a kick out of these templates – because I am going to write them with the requisite self-effacing charm.

We know many folks are going to be getting more emails than usual over the Black Friday weekend. We know the kinds of emails they are going to be sent.

Armed with this information, we can send prospects messages that show the prospect we’re aware of the current state of their inbox – and make a joke out of this circumstance, while slyly introducing yourself and your offering to the prospect in a way that makes them smile.

Or you could do nothing and wait for all of the holiday fervor to die down. We all know waiting around is the key to success in sales, right? 😀

Oh, also, you can also deploy these same templates on LinkedIn. ;)​


I have template packs of yours – why do I need this one?


You don’t *need* anything. This pack represents another weapon in your arsenal. If you want to book loads of sales calls during the BF/CM weekend (and a little beyond the actual holiday weekend for some of the templates) – then get the pack.

If you can’t take on any new clients – or for whatever reason don’t want to – don’t get the pack. How ambitious are you feeling? Let that guide you.​


I see there are a few templates for direct sales. I thought this was a cold pitch pack?!


Yep. It predominantly is. A large majority of templates are for cold pitching purposes… I just can’t resist adding in more stuff. The Charm Offensive audience is made up of both cold pitching folks – and folks with opt-in lists – and some folks who do both.

As such, I thought it best to include a few opt-in email templates – without increasing the price. You can see these listed on the sales page separately to the cold pitch ones.

I’ve also included some bonus swipe files containing the pitch emails Charm Offensive sent out over Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018 and 2017.


But Black Friday weekend is so soon! I won’t have time to use them!


Black Friday is on the 29th of November.

That gives you 13 days to send a few emails or LinkedIn messages. One would hope this is enough time – especially considering I am giving you a range of templates to send. All you have to do is fill in a few bits that relate to your offering/business.

​A few of the templates are to be sent AFTER Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend – giving you yet more time.​

The templates also contain funny copywriting tricks that you won’t find anywhere else. You can do this at any time – and use the devices for any campaign you choose.

That’s it for now.

The Pre-Sale offer ends tomorrow at 1159pm.

If you’d like to take a look at this pack, head here: https://www.charm-offensive.co.uk/blackcyber/

Have a wonderful day,


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