*NEW* The Charming Follow-Up Sequence Template Pack


This template pack is 100% focused on follow-up sequences to follow your initial cold email or message.

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Even the most relevant, impressive, hilarious, and persuasive opening gambit might not get a response. One of the main reasons is prospects, especially the ones with money to spend, have a lot of work to do - and responding your sales message isn't exactly the most important thing on their to-do list.

They have to read and reply to emails from their subordinates, superiors, suppliers, and customers - and have a whole bunch of to-do items to tackle. They can be forgiven for neglecting to respond to your initial opening gambit. The onus is on you to remind them you exist - and you’d like to work with them. 

Can you do this without sounding like an entitled, impatient jerk?

As you might have guessed, yes, you can. If you couldn’t, this sales page would end here - but as you can see, there’s more copy to come.

A lot of people get it wrong - and end up irritating prospects. This is because their idea of a follow-up message is something like:

“You didn’t reply to my email I sent 2 days ago. Are you interested?”

A busy prospect like the one mentioned above might open this email moments after a less than pleasant phone call with a customer - or a tense meeting with their boss. Either way, it’s likely that if they respond at all, it’s not going to be positive. 

The trick is to ask “You didn’t reply to my email I sent 2 days ago. Are you interested?”  in a way that doesn’t infuriate even the most patient of people. 

Of course, sending any cold pitch, whether it be the initial message or a follow-up message, can result in a small percentage of prospects responding negatively. That’s fair game. You are an uninvited guest in their inbox - just as you said your piece, they can say theirs - and that isn’t always going to include gushing praise and the words “We should talk on the phone. When are you available?”

However, you can increase the chances of getting a positive response to your cold pitch campaigns. One effective tactic is to send something completely different to all the other stale, robotic follow-up messages that no doubt pollute ​inboxes globally. You should send something makes the prospect smirk, smile, or laugh out loud - and then click reply while feeling thankful for the pleasant sensation you just gave them.

Enter The Charming Follow-Up Sequence Template Pack.

What's in each follow-up sequence?

  • All sequences contain 7 follow-up emails in total.
  • Each sequence compromises 7 follow-up messages, concluding with a final ‘break-up’ message.
  • You can add these follow-up sequences to any cold email or LinkedIn message sequence.

The Charming Follow-Up Sequence Templates

This pack contains the following smile-inducing sequences:

  • An amusing sequence that pokes fun at the task at hand: having to send follow-up messages that get the attention of your prospects without infuriating them.

  • An entertaining sequence that tries to quench any possibility of an angry response.

  • A light-hearted ‘nurturing’ sequence that provides value to the prospect, while being direct about your intentions of getting them on the phone.

  • A tongue-in-cheek sequence that provides the prospect with the reason they should respond in each follow-up message.

  • An absurd sequence where each subsequent message includes a new "bonus" that the prospect will get if they reply to you.

  • A playful sequence comparing the average costs of your service to a range of ridiculous products and services.

  • A helpful sequence of 7 different tools, tips, tactics and resources the client can use to help mitigate the problem you want to solve - but never quite solve it.

  • A delicious “proof is in the pudding” sequence that presents the prospect with a number of case studies, client testimonials, and other proof your service works without sounding like a braggart. 

  • A sequence comprised of only the most succinct, charmingly courteous follow-up messages.


Bonus 1: The Charm Offensive Magic Follow-Up Sequence

The original follow-up sequence that came with my first ever course, Always Be Winning. This is a tried and tested sequence that ​generates positive responses throughout the sequence.

BONUS BONUS: This sequence includes a copy of the opening email/message of the sequence: The original 'drunk' cold email/message. This inclusion of this provides you with an initial email/message to commence your cold pitch sequences - or at least, something to inspire or influence your own opening gambit writing efforts. 🙂

Bonus 2: The 5 Stages Of Grief Follow-Up Sequence

A more recent follow-up sequence that has been generating gushing, positive replies for those who have deployed it. 

Does This Stuff Work? Ohhhh YES It Does:

It Can Work for You, Too:

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How do I use these templates?

You can schedule these emails to be sent after you've sent your initial cold email or message. I personally would leave a week between follow-up messages out of common courtesy. I figure if I'm going to be an uninvited guest in their inbox, I'll a) try to make them smile and b) Not pester them too frequently with my sales messages.

Some people are more aggressive in their follow-ups, leaving 3 or 4 days between them, rather than waiting a full week like I do. Your sensibilities may vary. You do you 🙂

Do I have these templates?!
The only templates you might have are the two free bonuses - The original Charm Offensive magic email sequence - and the 5-stages of grief sequence. These are the only sequences I've made to this date somehow. Thus the need for this brand new pack 🙂 Unless you purchased the pre-sale offer, you don't have any of the templates in the main pack. 

What niches do they work in?
Any. They are not niche specific. If you're targeting humans, these templates will work. If you're not, you have other problems. 😀

How can they work across so many niches without needing to be totally rewritten?
Charming templates primarily work because they stand out and make prospects smile. This type of copy translates to any niche. There's no dependence on hyper-specific copy that will only resonate for a given pain point or niche.