The Drunk Cold Email That Changed My Life

I ran a digital marketing agency and about a year in, my word of mouth leads dried up.

I was desperate for sales and I dealt with that in the only way us Brits know how... I got blind drunk.

... In that time, I decided to write the most absurd cold email I could.

I was still tipsy enough in the morning to think it was a good idea to send my email to Marketing Directors, CEOs and other senior people at some of the world's largest brands and corporations.

To my amazement, it worked.

Take a look at these screenshots. 

These are the result of my desperate, drunk cold email.

There's more where that came from. I've saved them all. This might show my insecurity somewhat!

I’ve met with senior decision makers at RedBull, Pepsi, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, HSBC, Barclays, and countless other global brands, exciting start-ups and SMEs.

It turns out B2B doesn't have to mean Boring-2-Boring!

It's irreverent and different. 

It's exceptional.

That's why it works.

It doesn't look like the same bland, boring cold emails that everyone else sends...

I started Charm Offensive in March 2017, and in that time, I've created loads more better, effective cold pitch templates.

Here's a few more screenshots for you. This time let's show some results from people who used my templates...

Want to get your hands on my latest and greatest templates?

Introducing: My Charming Cold Pitch Template Starter Pack

The right words in the right order to the right people can get you anywhere in life

My Charming Cold Pitch Template Starter Pack can help you make those asks in the most effective way possible.

This pack includes the following effective templates:

  • The original drunk cold email that generated gushing, positive responses from senior decision makers at some of the world's largest brands - including Symantec, Hewlett Packard, and many more.

  • The direct mail version of the drunk cold email. 

  • The follow-up email I would send a few days later - to prospects who didn’t reply to my direct mail letter.

  • The variation of the drunk cold email that led to the editor of Venturebeat covering our client, Symantec. (And later, aided us getting coverage in places like Time Magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, and many other gigantic publications.)

  • The outreach email that generated positive responses from authoritative podcasts - helping me grow the Charm Offensive Facebook Group and email list when I was just getting started building an audience.

  • A refreshing and irreverent email to book as many informal job interview meetings with companies as you wish - even if you've never worked in their sector before.

  • An unorthodox LinkedIn connection invitation that your prospects will read and pique their curiosity enough that they will take a look at your profile (and accept your request).

  • A disarming follow-up LinkedIn direct message template for sending to your new connections that makes your prospects smile and reply positively.

This template pack is worth $600 on its own.

However, you can get it today - for the special "I just learned about Charm Offensive and I want in" price of just $39 / £29 / €36.


Download My Effective, Proven Charming Templates

You get 3 awesome bonuses too!

Bonus 1: How To Be Somewhat Funny (Value: $130)

This 51-page guide shows you how to write more entertaining copy, providing you with joke formulas, rhetorical devices, and writing exercises. 

Bonus 2: Promote Yourself Playbook mini training session (Value: $130)

This training video runs through 10 quick and easy tactics to generate leads immediately. 

Bonus 3: B2B Sales Mini Guide (Value: $160)

I provide prescriptive recommendations on exactly what activity you should be pursuing every day to generate leads. 

Let's look at what's in this pack:

  • The Charming Cold Pitch Starter Pack: $600
  • How To Be Somewhat Funny: $130
  • Promote Yourself Playbook: $130
  • B2B Sales Mini Guide: $160
  • Total Value: $1,020

Get the pack today for just $39 / £29 / €36.

Please, do enjoy some success stories:

(Click to watch)

Frequently Asked Questions (and helpfully, answers!)

How can I trust you? How do I know this is legit?
First of all, you are right to be cautious. The internet harbours many a charlatan. However, I am no such cowboy. 

I think the most compelling evidence I have is my LinkedIn Recommendations. To take a look at these, search for "Jon Buchan" on LinkedIn. You'll know you've found the right profile when it looks like the screenshot below.

(Yes, my profile picture shows me rescuing a baby and a basket of kittens from a burning building...)

If you scroll down to my recommendations, you'll notice these date all the way back to 2007 and provide some evidence of my character, work ethic, and other non-charlatan tendencies.

You'll notice there is a recommendation from one of my contacts at Symantec.

Symantec was the first gargantuan client I won using my original drunk cold email.

I still have a screenshot of their response! 

I remember winning this deal. My friend James remembers how I celebrated this news...

I asked James if he could find the photo. Alas, he could not. I would have included the photo here but it appears lost to history. My apologies. I'm sure it would have been a delightful addition to this page.

I'm glad that I used to celebrate my good news on Facebook because Facebook Memories reminds me of this from time to time, providing me with useful digital evidence of my previous successes.

Oftentimes reminding me of meetings I had completely forgotten about, such as the one below:

One minor note: The screenshot below is slightly incorrect. I was meeting the Head of Marketing for The Disney Channel, not the whole of Walt Disney.

If you need further proof that my weird ways work, you can check out the plethora of testimonials on this page. If you wish to see more, check out the "PEOPLE SAYING NICE THINGS ABOUT ME" tag on the Charm Offensive Facebook Group.

I've included a few choice examples of these testimonials for your viewing pleasure below:

You can get results like these.

And you can get them immediately.

Just grab my templates.

Start using them.

Start waking up to an inbox full of compliments and new opportunities.

Damn, I love hearing these success stories. :-) It always makes my day.

But my industry is boring! I don't believe they can work! 

You are making assumptions here. Don't be job title-ist. It's 2023! :D

I've used Charming Copy to successfully generate responses from Marketing Directors, to Chief Technology Officers, to Finance Directors, to CEOs, and everyone in between.

The Charm Offensive approach does not discriminate. It works on people. People who enjoy the exciting taboo of smiling occasionally at work. These are usually lovely people to work with, too. ;)

But do these positive responses actually lead to new clients?

Of course. That's the whole point. :)

Now, you won't close deals with every lead. That would be impossible, even for the greatest salesperson alive.

However, you'll always be able to start conversations with your ideal clients. That is incredibly powerful. 

Surely senior decision makers will be put off by such an approach?

This assumption is incorrect.

Such important folks don't wish to be put on a pedestal. (And any that do aren't worth working with! Life is too short for asshole clients.)

Here's the response I got from the Senior Marketing Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

When I met her, she told me, "I don't even reply to emails from my own staff most of the time, let alone unsolicited pitches, so well done!"

They will be impressed by your moxie, and should they require your services, they will likely reward you with a response and a call or meeting. BOOM!

Won't these templates stop working if everyone is using them?

Think about how many businesses are in one city. Then think about how many are in one country. Then think about how many there are in the world. Now think about how many people work in those companies.

That's a lot of people.

And thankfully, we're not all emailing the same person!

So no, this isn't something you need to worry about. 

Also, you can personalise the templates as much as you desire. Make them your own.

I don't like the idea of cold pitching. I hate cold pitches myself.

If you don't cold pitch, you don't get to pick who your clients are.

This is the single biggest benefit of cold pitching. You are in complete control.

This is something you'll need to get over. Never fear, when you start receiving gushing, positive responses, you'll soon get addicted to cold pitching.

Will these work on LinkedIn?

Yep. All of the templates can be used on LinkedIn.

Yet better, I've included a Charming LinkedIn connection request template and a Charming LinkedIn direct message template in this bundle.

And yes, they work too:

Why are these better than all the standard 'cold email/message' templates you can get online?

They don't suck :-)

They are written to get a positive reaction out of your recipients. 

If everyone is sending the same dross, nobody stands out - and everyone gets ignored.

These templates are your chance to stand out from the countless boring pitches that your prospects get - and get a smirk, smile, or a laugh out of them. Prospects are far more likely to respond, and respond positively, if they have a smile on their face while reading your pitch.

Prospects will often respond informally. They ditch the serious 'veneer' of most business correspondence. This is a huge advantage over your competing suppliers. 

You get to make the best first impression possible. 

I'm not a funny person. Can I still use these templates?

Yep. I never tried to be hilarious after the initial pitch. Once my foot was in the door, I would follow up and show my enthusiasm and knowledge. Prospects know that you're trying to get their attention with a clever opening gambit. They don't expect you to act like a clown! 

What sectors will these templates work in?

Any sector. Any level of seniority. They work on people. If you're pitching to people, you'll have success with these templates.

You get the idea... :D

I hope this deluge of evidence has aided you in persuading yourself to make the financially prudent decision to invest in my Charming Cold Pitch Template Pack.

There's only one thing left to do... ;)



(c) Logical Absurdity Ltd T/A Charm Offensive