This brand new template pack includes Facebook Ads and accompanying email sequences that cut through the noise and start conversations with your ideal clients.

Facebook ads are incredibly powerful.

The targeting options mean you can reach your ideal customers with ease.

However, that means all of your competitors can do the same.

Indeed, many people are blind to ads.

Especially as everyone uses the same formulas.

I'm bringing the same 'Charm Offensive' style that works so effectively in cold pitching to the world of Facebook Ads.

The pack comes with accompanying email sequences to go with the Facebook Ad.

All you have to do is amend to your needs and BOOM! Victory!

You can create ads people actually like!

Here's an example of one of my own ads.

My unique brand of disarming copy generates positive responses

What's in the Charming Facebook Ad Template Pack?

Facebook Ad Templates

The Charming Facebook Ad Template Pack contains templates for:

  • Freelance content writers, copywriters, marketers and PR professionals

  • Freelance graphic and web designers

  • Freelance developers

  • Marketing & advertising agencies

  • Graphic and web design agencies

  • Web development agencies

  • Business coaches and consultants

  • Virtual assistants

Each ad will be an offer of a lead magnet. E.g. an ebook, cheat sheet or training video.

It doesn't matter the type of lead magnet, you can just amend the copy to your needs.

Auto-Responder Email Sequences

The pack also comes with 5 part auto responder email sequence templates.

All the humorous, disarming copy will be taken care of. 

Just edit the templates to your needs and boom - you'll start getting responses and clicks!

What's different about these ads/emails?

These templates are designed to get attention and stand out from the crowd. 

They don't use the same formulas that everyone else uses.

They are designed to interrupt the pattern.

They are deliberately a little unorthodox, using irreverant humour and unusual images to stop people from scrolling, click on the ad and sign up for your lead magnet.

They then receive a charming email sequence that generates positive responses from your new leads.

How do I get my hands on them?

You can get your hands on them by joining Charm Offensive Professional.


Charm Offensive Professional comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. 

If you're not happy for any reason, you can get your money back. No questions asked.