*NEW* The Charming Common Ground Cold Pitch Template Pack

This template pack is 100% focused on writing personalised templates to prospects with whom you share common interests, experiences, or traits.

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“Liking” is one of the key principles of persuasion. People like to do business with people who share their interests, traits, experiences, or values. 

One of the best things about cold pitching is you get to pick with whom you wish to work. While you can’t win them all, you can win ​plenty!

You get to pick the niches that interest you. You decide if you want to work with gigantic corporations, or you’d prefer to work with small to medium enterprises, or non-profits, or whomever it might be.

You can go ​even further than this. 

With some research, you can find prospects who share common interests, traits, or experiences. This provides you with ample opportunity to send these prospects a charming opening gambit which has a much greater chance of resonating.

Cold pitches containing more personalised elements garner more responses than those without… If done well. Alas, often, it's not done that well and the pitches sound something like:

“You like Kayaking? I went Kayaking once! WE SHOULD DO BUSINESS TOGETHER!”

Of course, the example above has been exaggerated for comedic effect. I've been sent cold emails and cold direct messages that are this crude. As you might expect, these don’t succeed in earning a response from me. I suspect I’m not alone in my discrimination.

Being the recipient of a personalised one-to-one cold pitch does make prospects feel like they should reciprocate in kind. It feels less like a sales pitch - because they can clearly see you've put some time in to do some research and you're not sending the same message to thousands of people.

In short: If you send more personalised cold pitches, you’ll start earning responses from prospects who are not only eager to respond - but are willing to hear your ideas, and consider investing in them.

Who Is This For?

• Freelance professionals who need more leads and more amiable clients.

• Agency owners or other b2b suppliers who would like more ways to get prospects to talk to them.

• Anyone who wants to add more weapons to their lead generation arsenal.

The Case For Sending Personalised Cold Pitches:

• Personalised cold pitches are more likely to generate a response.

• They show you’re willing to make the extra effort.

• They take advantage of the "Liking" principle of persuasion: People are more likely to do business with people they like. People like people they share things in common with.

• They enable you to do business with people you’re more likely to get a long with.

• If you win them as a client, you have something to talk about with them other than work.

• It enables you to pick and choose the prospects you’d like to work with - putting you more in control.

The Charming Common Ground Cold Pitch Templates

This pack contains personalised charming cold pitch templates for sending to prospects with whom you share common interests, ​values, or experiences.

These templates are all focused on getting responses from prospects. These templates can be used on cold email - or through LinkedIn direct messaging.

The pack contains personalised 'Common Ground' cold pitch templates, including:

  • A disarming template that mentions you both live in the same place - and references specific locations in your town/city that only a local would know.
  • A sly, witty little pitch that none-so-subtly mentions you attended the same high school, college or university as the prospect.

  • A smirk-inducing opening gambit that references that you have both previously worked at the same company.

  • A charming template which, oh so delicately, mentions you share a trait in common with the prospect. (E.g. Sense of humour or passion.)

  • A usually-vomit-inducing but in this case perfectly fine anecdote about your wonderful children and the miracle of being a really tired parent - like they are.

  • An amusing template that mentions your shared love of a particular sports team.

  • A cute, transparent message that isn't shy about mentioning your shared love of a particular comedian, band, musician or artist.

The pack also contains the following effective templates:

  • A ridiculous but kindhearted "Above-And-Beyond" Hyper-Personalised Template: Send this template to prospects you know are inundated with cold pitches from other suppliers. It involves a little bit of graphic design work, but nothing that you can't get done quickly and cheaply on Fiverr.

  • A cunning template to send to prospects that have the same first name as you (easily findable on LinkedIn - especially with the free bonus included in this pack!). This email/message makes light of this commonality - before moving on to your cold pitch.

  • A daring cold pitch that references the fact you support a rival sports team to your target prospect.


Bonus 1: Prospect Research Ebook

This ebook shows you how you can research prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter to find common interests, providing you with ​loads of opportunites to send personalised cold pitches.

Bonus 2: The "Right Time" Cold Pitch Template

Use this template to contact prospects who, according to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, have changed roles in the last 90 days. This means they've either been promoted - or have moved to a different company. These people are usually much more receptive to hearing new ideas from new suppliers.

Bonus 3: The "LinkedIn Virgin" Invite/Follow-Up Message Sequence Template

This template takes advantage of the "Member Since" search functionality in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Using this search field, one can find prospects who've joined LinkedIn in the last day, week, or month. These prospects are likely to have never received an invitation or message on LinkedIn yet... Until you send them this charming little template, that is. 🙂

Bonus 4: Robotic-Phrases Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive cheat sheet checklist featuring the most common robotic phrases to kill any semblance of common ground stone dead - and how to avoid them.

Does This Stuff Work? Ohhhh YES It Does:

It Can Work for You, Too:

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Why do I need these 'Common Ground' templates?

"Liking" is a key principle of persuasion, as detailed by Dr Robert Cialdini's book, Influence.

... For those who don't wish to read a rather girthy book, please find part of an infographic my team made many years ago:

To see the rest of this infographic, covering all 6 principles of persuasion, Google "How To Influence & Persuade Infographic". 

These templates seek to take advantage of any common ground you have with your prospects.

On top of this, personalised cold pitches get higher response rates.

These pitches are not only personalised - they mention something you share in common with the prospect.

... And they're funny.

This combination makes it as hard as possible for prospects to deny you the gushing, positive reply you crave.

Do I have these templates?!
Nope. This is a brand new template pack. You don't have any of the templates yet - because nobody does. Not even me! You'll get them when they're completed on 18 September.

What niches do they work in?
Any. They are not niche specific. If you're targeting humans, these templates will work. If you're not, you have other problems. 😀

How can they work across so many niches without needing to be totally rewritten?
Charming templates primarily work because they stand out and make your prospects smile. This type of copy translates to any niche. There's no dependence on hyper-specific copy that will only resonate for a given pain point or niche.