Write to people, not ‘professionals’.

The unique benefit of the disarming Charm Offensive approach to copywriting – and the unique mechanism of action that makes it work. One of the many benefits of the Charm Offensive approach to applying for jobs, cold pitching, and other outbound sales endeavours is how prospects respond. This is most obvious when you see screenshots […]

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How to write funny sentences

This is a fun little trick I use a lot.   I realised recently I learned it from one of my best friends growing up.   You can mix formal, serious words with informal ones to create funny sentences.   I’ll start a sentence using words that are often used in formal (or at least […]

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Disrupting the game

Stephen Curry shoots 3 point shots from much longer distances than his peers. Why? Because nobody else takes them. Why does nobody take them? Because they’re low % (Shoot/Score) Why are they low %? Because you can’t hit them well from that far away. That means nobody was defending these shots. Curry trained and trained […]

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That’s not a typo. It’s terrible wordplay that I shall not apologise for. This blog is principally about standing out and getting attention. The key to doing this is to be interesting. You might ask, “What is it to be interesting?” I was watching the Joe Rogan podcast last night and a guy called Michael […]

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What should I buy?

“I WANT TO HAND YOU MONEY JON, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW”   May I say you have exceptional taste?   Anyway, as you wish.   Here’s a list of some of my most popular wares:   B2B Charming Template Pack ———————————-   A collection of effective cold pitching and other charming templates for the ambitious […]

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