Monthly Archives: May 2019

Unusual uses of charming copy

Learning the mechanics of charming copy, and being able to write it yourself, means you’ll be able to write for any purpose. Whatever your request might be, you can ‘charmify’ it yourself, thus enhancing the possibility of your request being agreed to. The most obvious and popular use of charming copy is to book sales […]

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Q&A: Confidence Issues

I got this email from an email subscriber a few days ago: Yahoo is making a muck of your opening series of emails, so I’ve subscribed using another email address. Wondering how many other emails I may have missed, ugh. Ok so here’s a thought that’s been eating at me for a few days… that […]

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Why do funny cold emails work so damn well?

What are the benefits of sending funny cold emails (and other cold pitches)? 1. It makes a great first impression. If you can make someone chuckle, laugh, or even winningly smirk then due to the primacy effect and the halo effect, your prospects will ascribe other positive characteristics to you – such as being creative, […]

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