Monthly Archives: November 2017

Exercise 4: The honest bio

Write the most honest CV or bio as possible. Talk about how you got started in your sector. Was it obvious all along? Or did you fall into it? Don’t brag, perhaps even be a little hard on yourself when describing your dedication, work ethic, skill etc. Perhaps talk about your surprise you’ve got to […]

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Satirical Press Release

Sorry to some of you who have seen this one already. I’ve added a little extra detail which may be helpful. Don’t worry, a third exercise “The Productive Rant” is on it’s way to you shortly 🙂   At some point, I decided to target PR and Communications Directors.  I figured they may have £budget […]

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The Productive Rant

Let’s move onto the productive rant. This is a simplified version of an exercise from The Serious Guide to Joke Writing by Sally Holloway. A great book, check it out. Think of a topic you have strong opinions on. Start a Google doc and put a heading at the top: I can’t stand [topic] E.g. I […]

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Stop Selling Time & Inspiring Influence

I did a training session called Stop Selling Time last night. It focused on the last 7 months, where I’ve created an entirely new business creating and selling digital products to my audience. (Hi Charmers!) It covered: Why you should build a following The key elements that speed up organic growth The technology, time and […]

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